Hold My Penis Kelly Danvers

F-cup Kelly Danvers is here in a lovely corset, to show us how to hold cock and not let go whilst you are being fondled by your man. You know, I do that. I sometimes feel I am doing something inappropriate by just hanging onto a man’s manhandle, but, there again, I cannot help but Read more about Hold My Penis Kelly Danvers[…]

Sometimes Sex Needs a Helping Hand …or Coitus Interruptus?

Reese titled this one, as he does with most, as well as selecting the pictures, just leaving me to write this bit, as I am sure you are aware, by now. I mention this, because I don’t quite get the coitus interruptus bit. Don’t get me wrong, as a good Catholic girl, I am quite Read more about Sometimes Sex Needs a Helping Hand …or Coitus Interruptus?[…]