Wallowing in Strawberry Cummings…

As if you’d not already guessed, “wallow” is a favourite word of mine. The dictionary defines it as “to roll the body about indolently or clumsily in or as if in water, snow, or mud”. However, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of wallowing is warm, voluptuous plumper flesh. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, either. Just the pleasure of wrapping yourself around a big beautiful woman and getting lost in her corpulent curves is enough for me. And, if it turns into a fuck – as was the case with SSBBW Strawberry Cummings and her partner in the following video from Hot Sexy Plumpers – bonus!

Strawberry appears a bit apprehensive at the beginning of this 45 minute movie, it being the first time she’d “performed” in front of a camera, but she quickly relaxes and becomes quite playful. I think the big icebreaker was when she fell off the bed in fits of giggles (mind you, anyone with breasts that massive is bound to be a bit off balance!). Much wallowing and sex play ensues, with Strawberry thoroughly relishing the attention being lavished upon her luxurious body. Her partner seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit as well, ultimately exploding into one of the loudest cumshots I’ve ever heard!

Here are a few clips from Strawberry’s video at HotSexyPlumpers.com:

Strawberry Cummings of PlumperPass Strawberry Cummings of PlumperPass
Strawberry Cummings of Plumper Paass Strawberry Cummings of Plumper Pass
Strawberry Cummings of PlumperPass Strawberry Cummings of PlumperPass
Strawberry Cummings of Plumper Pass Strawberry Cummings of Plumper Pass


(Amateur Busty BBWS)

6 thoughts on “Wallowing in Strawberry Cummings…”

  1. I haven’t looked at the3 vids yet, but they look like a good sized set of chocolate knockers there. Unusual of Reese not to give facts and figures, but then maybe those weren’t evailable at press time. But the guy’s certainly got more than a handful! 🙂

    Ain’t it nice to see a set of tits that can keep her ears warm on a cold night? 🙂

  2. She is so sexy her breastsssssss thighs hips smile….. I would love to have her… I’m Rick and damn she is sexy.

  3. good god when that dude starts pumping her. those tits are just all over the place and she just enjoys the guys dick

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