Ah, Serena Bliss

After my mate Very Free took the piss out of me in his comments regarding my “Are these tits big enough for you?” blog, I’ve decided to only include those particular plumpers and BBWs that I’d personally fancy to fuck. Of course, the primary prerequisite for such a pursuit on my part would be that they have to have BIG BOOBS. Now, unlike MyBoobSite, I won’t necessarily promise “F-cup & up”, but I will stick to the larger-breasted ladies here.

That said, I’m pleased to report that I’ve found another one! Serena Bliss of BBW Dreams has everything I could want in a well-endowed woman with an aim to shag her senseless: A cute face, a voluptuous body, a horny disposition and, most importantly, rather substantial breasts! Serena’s got quite the inviting pussy as well, as evidenced by my instinctual urge to dive between her lusciously spread legs and latch onto her with my lips like the glow-in-the-dark sucker-man that I am. ;~)

But that would be wrong, seeing as she’s safely on the other side of the monitor (the bloody prick tease!). ;~( However, like Seana Rae and, even moreso, Xtasy – my all-time favourite BBW to date – I’ve added Serena to my “hit list”. [So, venerable CW, if you’re reading my blog, could you please let these three lovely ladies know of my lustful intentions?!] Anyway, before I digress once again into a fantasy dreamworld of my very own, here’s sensual seductress Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com:

Serena Bliss from BBW Dreams Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com
Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com
Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com Serena Bliss from BBWDreams.com


10 thoughts on “Ah, Serena Bliss”

  1. Hey lemon, Where’d you see her? I’ve always been looking for a site that had links for all the BBW models who also ‘worked’ on the side. I know on this one Vickie Nickole does, Samantha, and I saw Monica Erotica a few years back in FL. Any others?

  2. A very sweet young lady with such a pretty face. Fair complexion complimented by a lovely smile. Nice big tits. “Serena Bliss” is obviously a pseudonym but one worthy of love & lust!

  3. Yup she is sexy you should see her when you got her legs pined up and them tits bouncing hmmmm she was so good best fuck ever

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