Lexxxi Luxe Deluxe

The lovely lumps of 235lb (16st 11lb/106.5kg) Lexxxi Luxe are on display in one of her best fuck films and fatty photos, here from PlumperPass.

The bulbous beauty – looking prettier than ever – gets banged by the big, black cock of the big, black boy, Asante.

Asante is one lucky guy as he gets to pound that pussy, bashing her big bum and making her huge, heavy hooters boom back and forth.

Her beautiful belly, soft as ever, is the perfect chubby chasers cozy comfort.

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9 thoughts on “Lexxxi Luxe Deluxe”

  1. Gawd, I love Lexxxi, or Anorei, or however she prefers to go by. She’s a dead ringer for this sweet, angelic novice nun who taught the kindergarten class when I was in 7th grade! I used to fantasize about that cute little nun with the huge titties. As a novice, she didn’t wear the full habit but a black dress with a white blouse and black stockings. You could tell she had a wonderful body that she was going to lock up in a convent forever! As it turned out, she never took her final vows, but quit the sisterhood, got married and became a school teacher. Her hubby was one lucky guy!

  2. @toomuch… That is a nice memory of a woman who turned you on as a kid.

    Lexxxxi is definitely not a nun. She is a fantastic slut who loves to fuck on screen. Not the kind of girl to bring home to the family. From her videos, she is the kind of girl to gang bang at a party. Not the novice nun teacher. I wouldn’t want her or any of the hard core models anywhere near children.

  3. What happened to the gamer girl who said that she wouldn’t do hardcore because of her Boy Friend? Kinda of said actually. She was interesting then, now she is just a mega slut.

  4. This must be an older video. She now has a tattoo of a babies foot on her shoulder, which is actually disturbing. I wonder how many kids she has had. There is the one she gave up for adoption, She said during a chat that she had lactated before that child. I’m thinking she must have at least one more. If she cared about the kid enough to have the tattoo, why did she give it up? It is probably for the best for the kid. At least the kid doesn’t have to grow up with a porn star for a mother.

  5. The MEGA Slut stuff I got no problems wit,but da TATs look like BOTCHED horseshit,Pretty Face,Ya gotta love the FAT sagging sperm whale Tits and enormous flabby Gut but she is TRASHY,and kind of ANNOYING infront of the cameras.So all in all,still just in her 20s,she’ll be a TRAINWRECK by the time she’s nearin 40

  6. I couldn’t give a fuck how many kids she’s had. I give her the benifit of the doubt regarding the surrogate story. What better choice for a surrogate mother than a woman who’s already fat?

  7. You pathetic, judgemental ass-clowns disgust me. What the fuck are you doing here at all if you so disapprove of the models?

  8. Lexxxi is super hot and has gotten better over time. She is a goddess. I really enjoy jerking off to her scnes. She is the best!!!!

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