Big Booty Drivers Ed

At just 5’2″ tall, porker BBW AVN Award Winner Karla weighs a hefty fourteen and a half stone. Or 203 lbs, if you prefer. Or 92 kgs if you’re really weird/young/both. I can but only compare with myself, as at 5′ 2″ too, I weigh 9 stone (126lbs / 57kgs). At my heaviest, I think Read more about Big Booty Drivers Ed[…]

Dark Dick Diving

I am sure everyone has certain things that hardly happen to them at work: A mechanic not getting oiled; a decorator not getting splattered and splashed on; a politician taking a pay cut… that kind of thing. Well, in my line of work it’s seeing something I have never seen before in plumper porn. That Read more about Dark Dick Diving[…]

Heavy Halloween Hooters

Here in the UK, we get a little confused by the American habit of dressing up for Hallowe’en in non scary costumes. Sponge Bob Square Pants is not an appropriate Hallowe’en costume. Freddy Kruger is. The Griffins from Family Guy – No. The Addams Family – Yes. Shanice Richards is from Birmingham. The Birmingham in Read more about Heavy Halloween Hooters[…]