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Glory-hole night-vision videos with Chessie Moore

Okay, so I was wandering around this London sex club with a mate of mine the other weekend taking in all the sites of strangers fucking hither and thither when we came across this dimly-lit entryway toward the back of the dungeon room. Our journey descended into darkness upon reaching the first intersection, and it was then that we discovered that this was some sort of underground maze.

Feeling our way through the vexing twists and turns, we’d occasionally encounter a splash of ultraviolet light emanating from a gap in the hallways. These turned out to be activity rooms illuminated in black light wherein groups of people were engaging in all manner of sexual perversions.

Upon reaching one particular four-way juncture, we decided venture down a particularly long blackened corridor with an uncharacteristically bright point of light at its far terminus. “That must be the light at the end of the tunnel,” we’d assumed, and so we took that route in hopes of reuniting with our other halves who’d no doubt be wondering where we’d got ourselves lost by now.

But, far from indicating an exit to this interminable labyrinth, it was instead a “glory-hole”. Neither of us having experienced the pleasure gloryholes before, wherein you poke your penis through a little round opening and some anonymous cocksucker on the other side gives you a blowjob, my mate immediately whipped his cock out and eagerly stuck it into the hole. Judging by his instantaneous reaction, they descended upon his cock like vultures sucking and jacking him off in rotation.

As soon as he’d had enough (which, frankly, seemed like at least ten minutes), it was my turn to give the gloryhole a go. I went up and shoved my already-erect man-meat – its hardness fueled by the anticipation of fellatio – into this cock-sucking circle of light and waited. One minute passed and then another. Nothing. Not even a half-hearted wank. In fact, although I could hear the voices on the other side, no one so much as touched me the whole time I was pressed against the wall!

By the time three minutes had passed, I just gave up. Is my cock so hideous, pathetic and objectionable that I can’t even get any action from a glory hole?! :~P Honest, it’s enough to give a guy a complex!! *sigh*

Anyway, I was reminded of this embarrassing sexual incident when I encountered a curious video gallery at Chessie XXX. In these videos, voluptuous vixen and big-titted blonde Chessie Moore has her face perched precariously close to one of said glory holes. However, rather than ignoring the encroaching cock penetrating her personal glory-hole, she grabs hold of it by the head (taking the balls by the horn, as it were) and yanks it on through so she can treat this immensely lucky protruding penis to one of her glorious gloryhole blowjobs!

And so, by the miracle of night-vision video, here’s busty blonde BBW Chessie Moore showing how a gloryhole should work over at

Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at
Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at

…ah, if only it had been Chessie at the other side of my glory-hole that night! Then again, if that were the case, I’d have been even more disappointed as, given a once in a lifetime opportunity like that, I’d really rather fuck her instead. Glory holes are just far too impersonal for someone so beautiful and with such magnificent mammaries as Ms. Moore (unless perhaps they’d cut out glory hand holes so I could fondle her huge breasts as well). Thus, I’ve decided to include yet another video gallery of Chessie, this time more attuned to my fantasy of having her in all of her voluptuous naked glory, once again courtesy of

Chessie Moore fucking videos at Chessie Moore fucking videos at
Chessie Moore fucking videos at Chessie Moore fucking videos at



Sweet Donna DD – Not just a pretty face…

“You have such a pretty face…” Isn’t that just the ultimate insult when directed toward bigger girls? Sadly, it’s most often thoughtlessly hurled at adolescent girls in their formative years who just happen to be developing a more voluptuous figure by well-meaning relatives who can’t think of anything else positive upon which to compliment. Although typically offered in total innocence, this most offensive passive-aggressive remark naturally implies the subtext “…but you’re fat and would look so much better if you’d just lose a little weight.”

Don’t they realise what a devastating consequences this can have on a growing girl’s self-esteem, even with the subtext unspoken? Because of the implied “pretty face” = “she’s fat” connotations conventionally carried by this comment, I’m hesitant to employ it even when I genuinely find the facial characteristics to be my first point of attraction toward a woman. However, as much as I love big tits, it’s always inevitably the face which “closes the deal” for me in terms of overall attractiveness (which is probably why I’ve got issues with blogging faceless boobs).

And, indeed, early-onset facial attraction was the case when I’d first come across Sweet Donna DD over at Plumper Pass. Despite her reasonably large floppy tits and pleasingly plump belly – both being physical features that I adore in a woman – it was the incomparably sexy look in her eyes that had me instantly hooked. I can recall this happening to me before here with another busty blonde plumper called Xtasy. Although she was remarkably well-endowed with beautiful big breasts and a BBW body that couldn’t be beat, it was yet another case of “the eyes have it” with her.

If I ever got to enjoy the profound pleasure of encountering either of these voluptuous beauties stark raving nude, I fear I would be unable to peel my gaze from their sensual faces. Would this be interpreted an as insult? I can only imagine them growing progressively weary of my incessant adoring eye contact and shouting out something like, “Look at my tits, dammit!” (now that would make for a change, wouldn’t it?) as an invitation to visually relish the veritable plumper playground provided within the generous contours of their curvaceous figures.

However, I could just let my fingers do the walking, tracing a path down their necks and across their ample chests, stopping to cup their big breasts within my hands for a lingering fondle before proceeding southward to knead huge handfuls of chubby belly meat and ultimately coming to rest with my digits buried deep within the moist, inviting folds of their plump pussies (hmmm, perhaps if I just wiggled my fingers a bit, it’d help take their minds off the fact that I’m still staring intently into their eyes).

I don’t know if there’s any such thing as a “face fetish” but, if not, I definitely think there should be. In fact, when I’m masturbating to that particular porn which gets me off (no, I’m not going to go into any more details here), I invariably find myself shifting my gaze into the model’s eyes just before I cum. So, for all of my diverse (and sometimes perverse) fetishes, a “pretty face” is by far the most desirable physical feature of a woman in terms of determining sheer fantasy potential, as far as I’m concerned.

When Sweet Donna DD caught my eye with hers, it was, once again, “lust at first sight”. Sure, she’s a sexy woman with a beautiful BBW body but, regardless of the cornucopia of curvaceous charms she spreads out before us semi-naked like a bountiful bed-bound buffet enough to satisfy the taste for flesh of any chubby-chaser like myself, it’s her sublimely sexy face that commands my focus, relegating all else to mere periphery. And so, here’s Sweet Donna DD in a handful of videos from

Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass
Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass




Pussy Creampie & Sloppy Seconds

Blame PlumperPass for today’s post, as I’m certain well in advance that this blog is going to be a long one, so please bear with me…

By now, you’re probably all well aware of how I lost my virginity to the lovely, sexy slut with big tits who also happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend. He knew of our illicit sexual liaisons, of course, having always been present whenever she & I fucked. In fact, being the boyfriend proper, he always insisted on having the first fuck with her before I could even get a look in!

Thus, I became quite used to sloppy seconds sex and, this having been amongst my most formative sexual experiences, I have an almost fetish-like fondness the practice. Put a freshly fucked girl on her back before me with cum oozing out of her still-pulsing post-orgasmic pussy and I’m well away, just aching to get my own cock inside of her already cum-filled cunt and add my own “seminal contribution” to swirling suffusion semen soup stewing within her swollen vagina and marinating her meat-flaps to a sublimely sensual and slippery level of labial lubrication.

So, yes, cream-filled cum-sluts remain amongst my fondest fuck fantasies (hey, sounds kinda like a snack food, doesn’t it? – “Reese’s Cream-Filled Cum-Sluts” – bet’cha can’t eat just one!) and, sadly, shall no doubt stay firmly fixed within the fantasy realm amidst concerns over STIs and sexual safety. *sigh*

However, referring back to the losing my virginity story, there’s one bit in between that I’ve always deliberately left out. If you’ve read the story, you’ll know that a whole fortnight passed between the time my best friend’s girlfriend jacked me off on the couch and our first fuck together. So what happened within these two weeks? Well, if you’ll permit me to fill in the gaps (and I do like “filling in gaps”!)…

The weekend that fell between these two early sexual experiences found the three of us together as well (unsurprising, really, as we were all the best of friends). As usual, we were on my bed with him coding away at the computer, me sitting cross-legged just twiddling my thumbs and she reclined supine against my pillow (oh, bloody hell, it would be so much easier to tell the story if I just gave them some damn names and dispensed with all the personal pronouns, wouldn’t it? right, then, we’ll call them “Carl” & “Cassie”).

Continuing on and with me having grown increasingly bored watching Carl hog the computer all evening, I decided to turn my attention to Cassie instead. She was laying there on my bed, eyes closed, in this loose fitting t-shirt through which I could detect the subtle erection of her nipples straining against the material as if she was indulging in some sort of fantasy wet daydream. Considering that I could contribute to Cassie’s already heightened state of sexual arousal, I reached over and let my fingers brush casually across one of the growing nipple bulges in her t-shirt (she having previously told me that her nipples were her most responsive erogenous zone).

Cassie let out a soft sigh and smiled, as if to affirm her approval of my actions, so I became ever-so-slightly more ambitious and reached a hand beneath her t-shirt to fondle her full breasts more intimately and feel the little bumps of pleasure arising from her areolas with my fingertips whilst Carl remained blissfully oblivious to the fact that I was fiddling with his girlfriend’s tits (he was probably just ignoring us, actually). The areola stimulation seemed to affect Cassie’s arousal even more intensely as, with me now laying on my side next to her, I felt her hand undoing the button of my trousers and unzipping my fly.

She couldn’t have been jacking me off for more than a minute when Carl turned around and whisper-shouted, “Stop that, your parents are in the other room!” Cassie let go of my cock and I retracted my hand from her breast so that I could quickly zip my trousers back up. However, knowing that his horny girlfriend could be utterly unbearable in such a state of sexual frustration, Carl thoughtfully recommended that we depart my parents’ abode and head for the drive-in.

Once there, the three of us squeezed into the front seat of Carl’s tiny Honda Civic with Cassie straddling in the middle (and desperately trying not to get fucked by the gear-stick). After unzipping both of our trousers in turn, Cassie seemed to be in all her glory, grinning like some nymphomaniac succubus holding a hard cock in each hand whilst we took turns fingering her pussy. It wasn’t long before she let out her trademark “I need a fuck” line, requiring an impromptu and discreet Chinese fire drill so that Cassie could lay back in my passenger seat spread her legs for Carl to fuck her as I sat strictly as a voyeur witnessing this real-life sex scene from the driver’s seat.

Carl seemed to finish rather quickly and, expressing his annoyance over the cramped conditions in the little car, put his cock away and went outside to sit on the bonnet leaving me alone with Cassie. Without needing even a hint of encouragement, I almost instinctively dove down between her wide-spread legs to taste her pussy (and, having never performed cunnilingus before, this was going to be another virgin first for me!).

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Cassie inquired, knowing that Carl had filled her with cum mere moments before. But I didn’t care, as I was too eager to get my first taste of pussy to worry about a little semen seepage. I licked her pussy ravenously for several minutes, covering my face with a mixture of cum and vaginal juices. Getting back into the car, Carl just laughed at me, thinking that I was unaware that he’d cum inside Cassie and that I was inadvertently sucking his semen as I knelt there in the foot-well eating her out. But, pussy-hungry slut that I am, I paid him no mind and just kept rug-munching away.

In retrospect, I suppose this was my first (and only) taste of what I’d later came to learn was more commonly known as “cream pie” (although I suspect most blokes tend to avoid such intimate contact as cunnilingus with a pussy creampie when someone else’s semen is involved)! But, back to finish the story, Cassie & I didn’t fuck that night – me having foolishly refused her unexpected offer for me to “dip my wick” (her words, not mine) inside of her vagina and unaware I’d get yet another opportunity to consummate our fuck-buddy friendship the following week – and I didn’t even get so much as a handjob from her as Carl drove us home. :~(

Ever since that time, I’ve always found the vision of a cum-filled pussy intensely erotic and, truth be told, it was today’s featured video of busty blonde BBW Sweet Devilz Candy at Plumper Pass that finally inspired me to at long last “come out of the closet” with regard to my own still-virgin creampie experience with my best friend’s beautiful busty slut of a girlfriend.

More specifically, it was the last six minutes of this marvellous 24-minute movie that brought the memories flooding back. You see, with most of the hardcore porn videos I’m used to watching, it’s rare to see a guy cumming inside of a girl because they generally pull out at the last minute to get that all-important “money shot” (although why I’d want to see a bloke ejaculating is beyond me). This video is delightfully different, though, as the male lead fucking Sweet Devilz Candy blows his load in her pussy before he pulls out and then proceeds to slide his fingers into the sticky, sloppy creampie mess he’s made of her vagina.

Shortly thereafter, he disappears from the scene (who knows? maybe he’s gone to wash his fingers) and we’re left with the lovely Sweet Devilz Candy languishing alone in bed with a post-coital afterglow as she allows her hands wander down from her huge breasts and across the enticing expanse of her voluptuous belly to feel the swelling flood of fuck-soup with her own fingers. It’s the close-up pussy shots that get me the most, with Candy spreading her labia lips so that we get a clear view of her glistening vagina – still contracting from the throes of orgasm – pumping cum out in cascades which flow down the crack of her big sexy ass like a slow-motion waterfall.

Because I’ve never blogged pussy creampie before, I decided to edit a few video clips together myself to show precisely what I’m talking about. Please forgive the lapses in continuity due to my cross-fades, but I wanted to truly capture as much of the erotic essence behind my fantasy creampie fetish as possible for all the world to see (the actual video from the site being far more coherent than my clips). That said, here’s Sweet Devilz Candy getting a pussy cream pie in these videos from

Sweet Devilz Candy pussy creampie videos at Plumper Pass Sweet Devilz Candy pussy creampie videos at Plumper Pass
Sweet Devilz Candy pussy creampie videos at Plumper Pass Sweet Devilz Candy pussy creampie videos at Plumper Pass

…granted, I expect there may be many amongst you who might not share in my particular creampie pussy fetish – especially when I tell you just how far the fantasy goes. Now, I know this would never happen due to our mutual insistence upon safe sex, but I once had this wet dream which involved a handful of guys fucking my wife to the point of ejaculation while I just sat back and watched, progressively filling her pussy with hot cum. When they’d all finished, she was left laying alone in the bed in much the manner of the clips above with an exceedingly horny expression conveying both exhaustion and contentment coming across her face, her now-gaping vagina overflowing with the combined cumshots left behind by consecutive succession of consensual sex slaves she’d carefully selected to satisfy the sheer cock requirements for the enjoyment of her greedy girl experience.

The dream itself actually ended there but, upon awakening, I found myself so totally turned on by the still-clear dreamscape that had just passed before my sleeping mind, I couldn’t help but extend this dark fantasy even further. Picking up where the sordid sex dream had left off, I imagined myself then joining my freshly-fucked wife on the bed and gently massaging her cum-soaked pussy with its selection of other men’s semen gushing liberally from between the swollen labia lips flowing forth from the flange of her glistening clit hood. Cupping my other hand to catch the copious collection of ejaculatory emissions issuing out from within, I then use it as if a soothing lotion to broaden my multiple man-juice massage to her thighs, belly, boobs and beyond until the whole of her glorious naked body was covered in cum.

And that’s it, really – no fucking, nothing more – just a simple post-coital cum massage (albeit with embellishments). Nonetheless, I found writing the few preceding passages exceedingly challenging as I nearly creamed my jeans several times in the process of assembling my thoughts. Although I’d seriously considered taking a wank break in the process, I’m pleased to report that my carnal constitution has held firm so far and I’ll (hopefully) actually be able to finish this entry! [Hmmm, I wonder if Vix reads my BBW blog (as I fear these innermost musings of my no-longer secret confession today could potentially evoke a rather… um… “interesting” late-night conversation)?! :~o]

Anyway, before I got unexpectedly sucked off into this decidedly deviant fantasy realm diaboloically aroused from within the deepest, darkest depths on my own sexual subconscious, I was feebly attempting to acknowledge the fact that the creampie pussy fetish might not be to everyone’s taste (let alone having a procession of other men fucking their wives & girlfriends whilst they patiently await the opportunity to give her a full-body cum bath!). As so, for those, I decided to include a few non-creampie video clips from our featured movie. Thus, once again, here’s beautiful busty blonde plumper Sweet Devilz Candy in the prelude to her having received said succulent pussy cream pie in these hardcore sex videos from

Sweet Devilz Candy hardcore fucking videos at Plumper Pass Sweet Devilz Candy hardcore fucking videos at Plumper Pass
Sweet Devilz Candy hardcore fucking videos at Plumper Pass Sweet Devilz Candy hardcore fucking videos at Plumper Pass