Sweet Donna DD – Not just a pretty face…

“You have such a pretty face…” Isn’t that just the ultimate insult when directed toward bigger girls? Sadly, it’s most often thoughtlessly hurled at adolescent girls in their formative years who just happen to be developing a more voluptuous figure by well-meaning relatives who can’t think of anything else positive upon which to compliment. Although typically offered in total innocence, this most offensive passive-aggressive remark naturally implies the subtext “…but you’re fat and would look so much better if you’d just lose a little weight.”

Don’t they realise what a devastating consequences this can have on a growing girl’s self-esteem, even with the subtext unspoken? Because of the implied “pretty face” = “she’s fat” connotations conventionally carried by this comment, I’m hesitant to employ it even when I genuinely find the facial characteristics to be my first point of attraction toward a woman. However, as much as I love big tits, it’s always inevitably the face which “closes the deal” for me in terms of overall attractiveness (which is probably why I’ve got issues with blogging faceless boobs).

And, indeed, early-onset facial attraction was the case when I’d first come across Sweet Donna DD over at Plumper Pass. Despite her reasonably large floppy tits and pleasingly plump belly – both being physical features that I adore in a woman – it was the incomparably sexy look in her eyes that had me instantly hooked. I can recall this happening to me before here with another busty blonde plumper called Xtasy. Although she was remarkably well-endowed with beautiful big breasts and a BBW body that couldn’t be beat, it was yet another case of “the eyes have it” with her.

If I ever got to enjoy the profound pleasure of encountering either of these voluptuous beauties stark raving nude, I fear I would be unable to peel my gaze from their sensual faces. Would this be interpreted an as insult? I can only imagine them growing progressively weary of my incessant adoring eye contact and shouting out something like, “Look at my tits, dammit!” (now that would make for a change, wouldn’t it?) as an invitation to visually relish the veritable plumper playground provided within the generous contours of their curvaceous figures.

However, I could just let my fingers do the walking, tracing a path down their necks and across their ample chests, stopping to cup their big breasts within my hands for a lingering fondle before proceeding southward to knead huge handfuls of chubby belly meat and ultimately coming to rest with my digits buried deep within the moist, inviting folds of their plump pussies (hmmm, perhaps if I just wiggled my fingers a bit, it’d help take their minds off the fact that I’m still staring intently into their eyes).

I don’t know if there’s any such thing as a “face fetish” but, if not, I definitely think there should be. In fact, when I’m masturbating to that particular porn which gets me off (no, I’m not going to go into any more details here), I invariably find myself shifting my gaze into the model’s eyes just before I cum. So, for all of my diverse (and sometimes perverse) fetishes, a “pretty face” is by far the most desirable physical feature of a woman in terms of determining sheer fantasy potential, as far as I’m concerned.

When Sweet Donna DD caught my eye with hers, it was, once again, “lust at first sight”. Sure, she’s a sexy woman with a beautiful BBW body but, regardless of the cornucopia of curvaceous charms she spreads out before us semi-naked like a bountiful bed-bound buffet enough to satisfy the taste for flesh of any chubby-chaser like myself, it’s her sublimely sexy face that commands my focus, relegating all else to mere periphery. And so, here’s Sweet Donna DD in a handful of videos from PlumperPass.com:

Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass
Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass Donna DD big tits blonde BBW videos at Plumper Pass



16 thoughts on “Sweet Donna DD – Not just a pretty face…”

  1. You see Reese, that’s why you’re so good at this. You make a personal connection where others are just looking to get one off and move along.

  2. That’s a worry, as I seem invariably to favour blogging models who bear some resemblance to Vix (take Imogen, for example). Could this perchance point to some disturbing psychological phenomenon occurring just below my threshold of awareness? Just a thought…

  3. Not a worry, as Vix is (and I say this from the bottom of my loins, but with all due respect) very fuckable. 😛

  4. The whole “pretty face” thing is spot on, Reese.
    I do love reading your blogs. So much effort and thought seems to be put into them and you do really seem to care what you’re saying!
    I’m aware I’m “bigging you up” again, I do apologise! Hehehe.


    Kelly 😛

  5. If you think shes hot online try seein her in person. Ive had the pleasure of eatting that sweet pussy and sucking those gigantic tits, they are bigger in person. Thanks for a great night I,d like to do it again.

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