Glory-hole night-vision videos with Chessie Moore

Okay, so I was wandering around this London sex club with a mate of mine the other weekend taking in all the sites of strangers fucking hither and thither when we came across this dimly-lit entryway toward the back of the dungeon room. Our journey descended into darkness upon reaching the first intersection, and it was then that we discovered that this was some sort of underground maze.

Feeling our way through the vexing twists and turns, we’d occasionally encounter a splash of ultraviolet light emanating from a gap in the hallways. These turned out to be activity rooms illuminated in black light wherein groups of people were engaging in all manner of sexual perversions.

Upon reaching one particular four-way juncture, we decided venture down a particularly long blackened corridor with an uncharacteristically bright point of light at its far terminus. “That must be the light at the end of the tunnel,” we’d assumed, and so we took that route in hopes of reuniting with our other halves who’d no doubt be wondering where we’d got ourselves lost by now.

But, far from indicating an exit to this interminable labyrinth, it was instead a “glory-hole”. Neither of us having experienced the pleasure gloryholes before, wherein you poke your penis through a little round opening and some anonymous cocksucker on the other side gives you a blowjob, my mate immediately whipped his cock out and eagerly stuck it into the hole. Judging by his instantaneous reaction, they descended upon his cock like vultures sucking and jacking him off in rotation.

As soon as he’d had enough (which, frankly, seemed like at least ten minutes), it was my turn to give the gloryhole a go. I went up and shoved my already-erect man-meat – its hardness fueled by the anticipation of fellatio – into this cock-sucking circle of light and waited. One minute passed and then another. Nothing. Not even a half-hearted wank. In fact, although I could hear the voices on the other side, no one so much as touched me the whole time I was pressed against the wall!

By the time three minutes had passed, I just gave up. Is my cock so hideous, pathetic and objectionable that I can’t even get any action from a glory hole?! :~P Honest, it’s enough to give a guy a complex!! *sigh*

Anyway, I was reminded of this embarrassing sexual incident when I encountered a curious video gallery at Chessie XXX. In these videos, voluptuous vixen and big-titted blonde Chessie Moore has her face perched precariously close to one of said glory holes. However, rather than ignoring the encroaching cock penetrating her personal glory-hole, she grabs hold of it by the head (taking the balls by the horn, as it were) and yanks it on through so she can treat this immensely lucky protruding penis to one of her glorious gloryhole blowjobs!

And so, by the miracle of night-vision video, here’s busty blonde BBW Chessie Moore showing how a gloryhole should work over at

Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at
Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at Chessie Moore glory-hole videos at

…ah, if only it had been Chessie at the other side of my glory-hole that night! Then again, if that were the case, I’d have been even more disappointed as, given a once in a lifetime opportunity like that, I’d really rather fuck her instead. Glory holes are just far too impersonal for someone so beautiful and with such magnificent mammaries as Ms. Moore (unless perhaps they’d cut out glory hand holes so I could fondle her huge breasts as well). Thus, I’ve decided to include yet another video gallery of Chessie, this time more attuned to my fantasy of having her in all of her voluptuous naked glory, once again courtesy of

Chessie Moore fucking videos at Chessie Moore fucking videos at
Chessie Moore fucking videos at Chessie Moore fucking videos at


2 thoughts on “Glory-hole night-vision videos with Chessie Moore”

  1. For whatever reason some men seem to have mixed feelings about Chessie. But fact is she is a total stunner who has just got sexier and sexier. And with the addition of those extra few pounds. I doubt the is a man alive who can watch her in action without experiencing a rush of blood to the nether regions 🙂

    Chessie rules!!

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