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Huge tits in your face with Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar

Whatever could be better than having a voluptuous woman naked and straddled atop you, her massive breasts hanging down from her chest in all of their pendulous glory so precariously close to your face that you need only stick out your tongue to lick her nipples as you reach up to grab huge, heavy handfuls of tit-flesh to steady the undulating motion of their magnificent mammary mass? Not much can top that, in my humble opinion!

The best thing about this particular and intensely erotic breast-centric activity is that it can be enjoyed by boys & girls alike! In fact, I dare say that big boob loving women have it even better off in said succulent scenario, as they’ve got tits of their own to contribute to the breast-fetish festivities!! Indeed, going tit-to-tit girl-on-girl gives the added bonus of mashing your massive mammaries together in the manner of a tit-sandwich thus creating a colossal combined chasm of “super cleavage” to rival the Marianas Trench and then jiggling your boobs to simulate a cataclysmic undersea earthquake!!!

Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating there, but there’s certainly a world of wondrous possibilities that two well-endowed women can explore together which wouldn’t be available to boobless blokes like me… :~( …and, for that, I must admit a twinge of jealousy. I guess I should simply resign myself to the sad fact that there are some sexual activities involving big tits that I’ll never get to enjoy, apart from being a spectator.

And so, in order to indulge in the latter with voyeuristic intention, I’ve invited sexy pair(s) of our lovely Samantha 38G & 40JJ BBW Shugar over to demonstrate! In the latest instalment of the videos they’ve done together for the former’s SexySamantha38G site, Sam & Shugar get down to precisely the sort of huge tit-to-tit action I’m talking about!

Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar go tit-to-tit at

(photo courtesy of

[Oh, and Sam, while I’ve got you here, I’ve got a bone to pick with you! What’s up with you inviting one of my girls, 34FF Ctexsins Chelle, over to yours for some tit-play (the fact that you & Chelle live relatively close to each other whereas I’m about 6,000 miles away notwithstanding)?! It’s not fair and merely gives me something else to be jealous over!! That said, I’ve seen a few of the photos from that shoot and the ones of you licking Chelle’s pierced nipples whilst your own huge boobs were draped across her belly were simply stunning! Thanks sooo much for giving Chelle this brilliant opportunity to work with you!! :~D]

But, back to the videos, I have to apologise for the fact that the busty blonde BBW beauty that is JJ-cup Shugar appears largely as an exceptionally endowed extra in these video clips, but I really wanted to focus on the tits with this one. Here’s Samatha 38G & 40JJ Shugar together tit-to-tit in the boobsome twosome’s latest videos for

Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar go tit-to-tit at Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar go tit-to-tit at
Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar go tit-to-tit at Samantha 38G & 40JJ Shugar go tit-to-tit at




KoreGoddess Videos – It’s blowjobs all the way…

Just a quickie for today, as we’re busy getting ourselves to ready attend a perverts’ party this weekend. However, when I received an e-mail this morning alerting me to the fact that busty redhead plumper KoreGoddess had a new blowjob video gallery available, I just couldn’t resist popping in for a moment to share it with you!

However, having gone on so much about the beauty of a blowjob as I have in the past, I fear I really don’t have much more to say on the topic. So rather than just repeating my prior preponderances upon the pleasures of oral sex, I’ve decided to write a little song instead entitled “Suck My Cock” and sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”… :~)

Oh, I love the feel of getting head
It’s the very best foreplay
Cock compressed between your lips so red
While your tongue swirls away

Grazing teeth across my frenulum
Make a sensual delight
As your head bobs like a pendulum
Just be sure that you don’t bite

Suck my cock, suck my cock
Blowjobs all the way
Oh what fun it is to cum
In your mouth (is that okay?)

Suck my cock, suck my cock
Blowjobs all the way
Oh what fun it is to cum
In your mouth (oops, it’s too late!)

…there, now wasn’t that fun? It’s even better if your partner giving you the blowjob hums along in harmony as you sing! [However, considering the potential that some of the attendees of this weekend’s pervy party might be reading my blog, I suppose I should post a disclaimer: “The above lyrics are meant entirely in jest and are not intended to convey an accurate depiction of the ultimate outcome of said oral sex act upon their author. Thus, should you find yourself giving Reese a blowjob on Saturday night, he will not cum in your mouth unless expressly invited to do so.” ]

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get back to the lovely KoreGoddess! Although I tend to prefer blondes, I do have a rather special place in my heart for redheads. Growing up, it was always the ginger girls who had the biggest tits, and the biggest breasts with which I’ve ever had the pleasure of cock / cleavage interface came courtesy of a stunning voluptuous redhead as well (hmmm, I wonder if she’ll be there this weekend?!)!

And, in my humble opinion, stunning ginger goddess Kore is the epitome of busty redhead goodness, with a gorgeous face, huge H-cup breasts and a big beautiful body just begging to be caressed – which is why I once again cannot understand how the bloke in this blowjob video can keep his hands off her! However can he resist temptation toward the tactile experience of every exquisite square inch of Kore’s curvaceous charms?

It’s just not right. However, I suppose that a blowjob is a blowjob, and to get one from sexy KoreGoddess would indeed be a dream come true (still, keeping my hands to myself in the process would no doubt prove a challenge of epic proportions). So, as I finally get back to packing for a dirty weekend away (curiously, this blog turned out to be far longer than I’d expected), here’s beautiful 40H voluptuous busty redhead Kore Goddess in these lovely blowjob videos from

KoreGoddess videos at