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Best Sex Positions for Fucking Busty Plumpers

I was watching this hardcore video at Plumper Pass the other day that featured a stunning young blonde chubette with 36F breasts who went by the name of Ivy Dreams. I’d originally decided to view this video because I thought Ivy was a cutie (being partial to chubby blondes as I am) and have always thought that F-cup breasts are simply the best when it comes to sex. However, by the time I’d finished watching this half-hour-plus porn odyssey, I suddenly realised that Ivy Dreams (who has wonderfully jiggly tits, by the way) had effectively demonstrated all of my favourite sexual positions for busty plumper fucking!

So I decided to watch it again. This time, though, I set on-the-fly video markers whenever Ivy and her partner changed positions and flagged my favourites. Then, on my third viewing (oh what a trial having to watch so much hardcore porn), I created some clips to serve as examples of my preferred forms of plumper fucking so that I could share them with you here! And so, following is my carnal chronicle of copulation configurations for enjoying curvaceous coitus courtesy of 36F Ivy Dreams and

1. Sideways Sex:

Having your plump partner lay on her back and raise one leg and then cuddling in next to her on your side whilst curving your hips until your cock penetrates her pussy makes for a nice, relaxed sex session. Unlike missionary style fucking, you’ve got both hands free with easy access for fondling her tits or strumming her clit for additional stimulation.

The only downside to this lazy way of getting laid is that one or both partners might fall asleep! However, even if this unfortunate event does occur, there’s nothing quite so intimate as falling asleep inside of your partner and having your penis still (perhaps not so firmly) implanted in her pussy. Here’s Ivy Dreams demonstrating the sideways plumper fuck at

Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper sideways sex at Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper sideways fuck at

Girl-On-Top Cowgirl-Style Sex:

By far, this is my all-time favourite position for BBW sex. You simply lie naked on your back whilst the well-endowed woman mounts you cowgirl-stylie (and, no, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hung like a horse or not, because even without full-penetration, your female friend can still achieve orgasm by grinding against the head of your cock for clitoral stimulation!). Unlike most other sexual positions, having a full-figured woman on top provides the additional sexy sensation of feeling the fullness of her weight bearing down upon your body.

The best thing about cowgirl sex, however, has to be the intensely erotic view of full-frontal nudity. From the time she crawls atop you, deftly guiding your penis into her vagina, to when she’s bouncing away with abandon as if you were a trampoline, the visual stimulus can’t be beat. Add to that the fact that she’s got her big tits dangling conveniently close to your face for suckling her nipples. Should you find yourself being unexpectedly smothered in boobs, just reach up take hold of those two heavy handfuls of breast-flesh and move them out of the way!

Try as I might, I can’t think of a single negative to cowgirl-style fucking. The woman does all the work whilst you just lay back and enjoy the view (or, altenately, you can be a more considerate lover by rocking your hips and at least taking on half the effort (however, in this instance, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend shouts for you to hold still as she approaches orgasm!))! Once again, here’s the lovely Ivy Dreams – going girl-on-top this time – in these videos from

Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper girl-on-top cowgirl-style sex at Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper girl-on-top cowgirl-style fuck at

3. Girl-On-Top Reverse Cowgirl-Style Sex:

Yet another girl-on-top position, the reverse-cowgirl differs from our previous example in that the woman mounts your cock facing away from you. This has the benefit of offering her the ultimate control over the positioning and depth of penis penetration to maximise her pleasure. The downside of this particular position is that, unless you’re an ass lover, you don’t get the same enjoyable view as with its forward variation.

Reverse-cowgirl can be executed with your voluptuous vixen either squatting forward on your cock or leaning back and using her arms for additional support. The bonus of the latter is that it puts her in a prime position for you to reach around and squeeze her tits or cuddle her fat belly for a tactile treat to make up for the diminished frontal visibility of her big, beautiful body (of course, it does help if she rips off her corset in order to grant unfettered access to said erogenous zones).

As usual, here’s Ivy to demonstrate both flavours of reverse-cowgirl sex for us courtesy of

Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper reverse-cowgirl style sex at Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper reverse-cowgirl style fuck at

4. Doggy-Style Sex:

Last but not least in our cavalcade of coital combinations is the old standby of fucking doggy-style with your plump partner up on her hands and knees whilst you pound her pussy from behind. Having a fat fuck-buddy with fleshy hips and an ample ass is an asset in this position as it gives you something nice to grab hold of for support (not to mention the fact that banging bony butts can bruise your pelvis!).

As with reverse-cowgirl fucking, however, you do tend to miss out on the best view with your partner’s flabby belly and dangling big boobs bobbing and swaying with every thrust (that is unless you’ve got a mirror cleverly positioned in front of you both). But there is some consolation in that you merely need to lean forward a bit to bring those huge hanging tits and cuddly chubby tummy within fondling distance!

Poor Ivy must be truly exhausted by now, having thoughtfully provided all of these lovely demonstrations of various sexual positions for optimal plumper fucking (especially considering how many times she’d cum during the course of the video!). Thus, I promise to trouble her only with one more example – this time doggy-style – to complete our erotic explorations the ins & outs of chubby sex at

Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper doggy-style sex at Ivy Dreams 36F big tits plumper doggy-style fuck at




Roberta Smallwood remembered through Keira…

I was perving my way through the new photo galleries at BBW Dreams when I came across something that suddenly struck a chord in me. Specifically, it was this photo of a model named Keira…

Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams

…looking at her short-cropped blonde hair and huge breasts dominating her voluptuous plumper body, I was instantly propelled back to the early-’90s when a 24-year-old BBW model by the name of Roberta Smallwood appeared on the porn scene. Far from the diminutive dimensions her name might denote, Roberta had the biggest tits I’d ever seen up until that time (this being prior to my discovery of massive mammary wonder that is Monique) and, based upon my breast-obsessed nature, was quite possibly the reason I got into plumpers & BBW porn in the first place!

Sadly, Ms. Smallwood’s career was short-lived, spanning just two years from 1991 to 1993 (although she still re-emerges every now and again in the form of nostalgic archive photos & footage). During her time in the spotlight, though, Roberta made a big impression in the porn world, appearing frequently as a centerfold feature in men’s magazines as well as alongside other big-breasted giants of that era like Melanie Anton, Fawn Miller & Trinity Loren in hardcore videos (including one of my classic but now-dated favourites, “The Plumpers of Sundance Spa”).

No one seems to know why Roberta Smallwood retired from her immensely successful modelling career, but I can take comfort in the fact that we have new models like the lovely Keira to inspire fond memories of those days gone by. Besides, Keira’s sex scenes seem so much more natural than those choreographed sexual escapades of the early-’90s. Unlike many of her last century counterparts, Keira actually appears to enjoy fucking – a refreshing change from the plastic productions long past. And so, here’s more of lovely busty blonde BBW Keira from

Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams
Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams
Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams
Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams
Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams Busty blonde plumper Keira from BBW Dreams




Good News: Chubby chicks live longer!

Rejoice!! An article in the Boston Herald yesterday reported that plumper women (which they defined in their example as being 5’4″ and weighing between 146 & 175 pounds) have a significantly greater life-span than skinny chicks! That’s certainly good news for us chubby-chasers, as it means that the voluptuous women we know and love will be around a lot longer for us to lavish our attentions upon them.

The article also echoed that the fashion industry’s “thin is in” credo was a relatively recent development and that “chubby women were once the end-all”, but that the American perception of a “perfectly formed woman” has progressively decreased in size until, after the ’70s, most winners of the Miss America Pageant were technically underweight.

Perhaps most amusing was the mention of a conspiracy theory circulating that postulates the prejudice against plump pulchritude being the result of “gay men taking over the fashion industry and wanting all models to look like boys: no hips, no breasts” and that “thanks to the miracles of silicone and the uplifting Wonderbra, models still look like bony boys, but with oddly non-bony and very ample breasts.”

Although I must admit that I’ve never seen a woman with “bony breasts”, I do agree that, apart perhaps from the genitalia, the disturbing lack of curves in the current crop of supermodels does sometimes indeed raise doubt to their gender. I know from experience that, just because a model has big tits, it’s certainly no guarantee that she doesn’t also have a penis!

Bring back the good old days, I say, when pleasingly plump women like Marilyn Monroe were the sex symbols du jour, when the curvaceous were coveted and being skinny was simply seen as a sign of malnutrition. Then again, perhaps the increased longevity facilitated by a little flesh on the bones might serve to foster more of a predisposition toward plumpers by way of natural selection! One can only hope.

The article brought to mind one of the genuine superstars of our world (as admirers of women with ample proportions): the incomparable Samantha 38G. Sam celebrated her 38th birthday earlier this year and is proof positive that, much like a fine wine, she just gets better and better as the years roll on…

Samantha38G videos from Samantha38G videos from
Samantha38G videos from Samantha38G videos from

…of course, the answer to establishing this genetic predisposition toward the plumper end of the spectrum is simple: get fucking! Seems such an obvious yet innovative idea. However, how can we encourage that majority of misbegotten males who prefer mere stick-with-tits skinny chicks to come to appreciate the more voluptuous female form?

After addling my brain for several seconds, I decided that commencing my very own “Fuck a Plumper” campaign would be in order to avail these thin-mongers to the wonders of wallowing on well-endowed women. Trouble is, I’m having remarkable difficulty coming up with a slogan. All I’ve got so far are things like…

“Plumper Sex: It’s fucking luxury.”

“Boffing bony babes begets bruises!”

“Cum into the incomparable comfort of curves.”

“Ever try to tit-fuck a skinny chick?”

“Three Words: Flabby Belly Fuck”

…all pretty rubbish, if you ask me. Hmmm. Will have to develop a better strategy. Oooh, I know: Why not just show them what they’re missing?! Surely, once they see that chubby loving is sooo much better than banging their boner into a bag of bones, they’ll accept voluptuous vixens as the way to the future!!

And who better to represent our cause to raise awareness of the profound pleasure of pumping plumpers than our our lovely Samantha 38G? Here she is in all her zaftig splendour and fucking her way to a better tomorrow, in this video gallery courtesy of

Samantha38G hardcore videos from Samantha38G hardcore videos from
Samantha38G hardcore videos from Samantha38G hardcore videos from




Kirstyn Halborg nee Toni Evans returns to porn as a blonde, big tits plumper !!

Just wanted to take a moment today to highlight an exceptional new arrival on the scene at the Plumper Pass family of websites: Kirstyn Halborg. Kirstyn indeed has everything needed to fulfill any chubby-chaser’s dream, with a voluptuous body, huge tits and a horny disposition that is the fodder from which fantasies are formed (and, as a big bonus for me, she’s blonde, too!)…

Kirstyn Halborg big tits plumper videos from Kirstyn Halborg big tits plumper videos from
Kirstyn Halborg big tits plumper videos from Kirstyn Halborg big tits plumper videos from


…Welsh-born Kirstyn began her career in the big tits porn industry as a brunette named Toni Evans, having been discovered by British pornstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie in 1996.

After she’d appeared topless for the first time in a popular UK daily newspaper, the modelling offers came streaming in. Kirstyn proved a huge hit with big breast lovers the world over, becoming a regular feature in men’s magazines and making countless hardcore porn videos including the likes of Juggs, Score, Ben Dover and John Stagliano’s “Buttman’s British Extremely Big Tit Adventure”. Then, around 2002, Toni Evans aka Kirstyn Halborg suddenly retired from hardcore career to start her own modelling agency, never to be seen nor heard from again.

Until February of 2007, that is, when Toni re-emerged as Kirsten Halborg (an alias she’d used before), blonde, a bit plumper and with bigger tits than ever! As the new & improved, bigger & better Kirsten, her appeal extended to big breast and BBW lovers alike, and she once again became a much sought-after starlet in the world of plumper porn. While her solo masturbation videos wherein Kirstyn fondles her big tits and fingers her pussy are a glorious sight to behold (the simulated cumshot with the baby oil bottle was a clever touch in the videos above), it’s in her boy-girl hardcore sex scenes that Ms. Halborg really shines.

So, to illustrate Kirstyn’s sexual prowess as a busty plumper, I’ve included a few video clips from her most recent appearance at Hot Sexy Plumpers. In these videos, we witness blowjob queen Kirstyn sucking cock and administering oral sex like an expert before fucking her brains out with her lucky partner’s penis. Then, right in the midst of their exhaustive erotic fuck-fest, the couple disengage to enjoy a session of 69-position sex, licking and sucking the juices from each other’s genitals in a smorgasbord of fellatio and cunnilingus.

But there’s far more in store when the 69-sex transforms to a titfuck with Kirstin squeesing her big breasts together, creating a tight tunnel of cleavage as an invitation to breast-sex. Doggy-style fucking comes next with Kirstyn on her hands and knees, her huge hanging tits swinging hypnotically as they dangle from her chest brushing the bed down below as her partner holds on to her ample round ass for support. After he explodes in a shower of cum on her tits with hot semen soaking her breasts, cascading down Kirstyn’s cleavage and erect nipples. The two then massage the man-juice all over her massive mammaries, he with the head of his cock and Ms. Halborg with her hands, leaving her a satisfied, sticky mess.

There’s so much more I could say but nothing could compare to seeing the spectacle that is busty BBW Kirstyn Halborg fucking. Thus, as promised, here are a few clips from her most recent video for

Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from
Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from
Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from Kirstyn Halborg big tits hardcore plumper videos from