Good News: Chubby chicks live longer!

Rejoice!! An article in the Boston Herald yesterday reported that plumper women (which they defined in their example as being 5’4″ and weighing between 146 & 175 pounds) have a significantly greater life-span than skinny chicks! That’s certainly good news for us chubby-chasers, as it means that the voluptuous women we know and love will be around a lot longer for us to lavish our attentions upon them.

The article also echoed that the fashion industry’s “thin is in” credo was a relatively recent development and that “chubby women were once the end-all”, but that the American perception of a “perfectly formed woman” has progressively decreased in size until, after the ’70s, most winners of the Miss America Pageant were technically underweight.

Perhaps most amusing was the mention of a conspiracy theory circulating that postulates the prejudice against plump pulchritude being the result of “gay men taking over the fashion industry and wanting all models to look like boys: no hips, no breasts” and that “thanks to the miracles of silicone and the uplifting Wonderbra, models still look like bony boys, but with oddly non-bony and very ample breasts.”

Although I must admit that I’ve never seen a woman with “bony breasts”, I do agree that, apart perhaps from the genitalia, the disturbing lack of curves in the current crop of supermodels does sometimes indeed raise doubt to their gender. I know from experience that, just because a model has big tits, it’s certainly no guarantee that she doesn’t also have a penis!

Bring back the good old days, I say, when pleasingly plump women like Marilyn Monroe were the sex symbols du jour, when the curvaceous were coveted and being skinny was simply seen as a sign of malnutrition. Then again, perhaps the increased longevity facilitated by a little flesh on the bones might serve to foster more of a predisposition toward plumpers by way of natural selection! One can only hope.

The article brought to mind one of the genuine superstars of our world (as admirers of women with ample proportions): the incomparable Samantha 38G. Sam celebrated her 38th birthday earlier this year and is proof positive that, much like a fine wine, she just gets better and better as the years roll on…

Samantha38G videos from Samantha38G videos from
Samantha38G videos from Samantha38G videos from

…of course, the answer to establishing this genetic predisposition toward the plumper end of the spectrum is simple: get fucking! Seems such an obvious yet innovative idea. However, how can we encourage that majority of misbegotten males who prefer mere stick-with-tits skinny chicks to come to appreciate the more voluptuous female form?

After addling my brain for several seconds, I decided that commencing my very own “Fuck a Plumper” campaign would be in order to avail these thin-mongers to the wonders of wallowing on well-endowed women. Trouble is, I’m having remarkable difficulty coming up with a slogan. All I’ve got so far are things like…

“Plumper Sex: It’s fucking luxury.”

“Boffing bony babes begets bruises!”

“Cum into the incomparable comfort of curves.”

“Ever try to tit-fuck a skinny chick?”

“Three Words: Flabby Belly Fuck”

…all pretty rubbish, if you ask me. Hmmm. Will have to develop a better strategy. Oooh, I know: Why not just show them what they’re missing?! Surely, once they see that chubby loving is sooo much better than banging their boner into a bag of bones, they’ll accept voluptuous vixens as the way to the future!!

And who better to represent our cause to raise awareness of the profound pleasure of pumping plumpers than our our lovely Samantha 38G? Here she is in all her zaftig splendour and fucking her way to a better tomorrow, in this video gallery courtesy of

Samantha38G hardcore videos from Samantha38G hardcore videos from
Samantha38G hardcore videos from Samantha38G hardcore videos from



9 thoughts on “Good News: Chubby chicks live longer!”

  1. Dear Reese

    I think this is just the thing we need to get the younger generation’s head out of its ass. Women sould have curves and be 100% real, no plastic allowed. I also think it was a good Idea get Sam along with this one perfect model perect cause.

  2. I’m of “the younger generation” (27 years old), and I’ve always liked my women with curves. I’m not a chubby chaser, but I do like meat on my ladies’ bones.

  3. I actually quite liked the first slogan… nice double meaning there 😛

    I’m one of the *even* younger generation (than the guy who commented above), and I LOVE big women. But I’m already having enough trouble finding a nice big lady who isn’t already taken… so I’m not sure I’d really want to encourage the taking of more of them 😛

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