Newcomer Vivian visits Samantha 38G…

Sexy Samantha 38G is well known for having guest models appear on her site. The lactating Christina, G-cup Rhiannon, the seductive Eden and light plumper porn princess Devyn Devine are good examples. Over time, many of them become regulars on the site as well.

Sam’s latest visitor, Vivian, is one whom I sincerely hope will follow in their footsteps. For one, she owns a tube-top, a most glorious article of clothing which I feel should be the de facto fashion mainstay for all women with big boobs by virtue of its cleavage revealing properties (and that too-short, easy-access denim dress she’s wearing leaves me with visions of those luxurious, hefty thighs softly closing around my ears as I orally probe her pleasingly plump pussy (ah, one can dream, can’t they?)). Second, she’s just too cute! In fact, I think that Vivian looks a little bit like Maria Moore in the last photo below, a model that Sam has been seeking for some time (and, frankly, who wouldn’t?).

Hmmm. You don’t think Sam has perhaps recruited the lovely Vivian as some sort of Maria Moore substitute, do you? That would just be unfair, as Vivian is indeed a vision of voluptuous loveliness in her own right. Here she is in her very first appearance, and I do hope there will be many more to come, at

Vivian at Vivian at Vivian at
Vivian at Vivian at Vivian at

…of course, Samantha herself is looking better than ever. And so, as not to leave her (and her 38G breasts, of course) out of a blog on her very own site, here’s a selection of Sam’s latest photos, albeit in white lingerie rather than a tube-top (hint, hint), from

Samantha 38G at Samantha 38G at Samantha 38G at
Samantha 38G at Samantha 38G at Samantha 38G at




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