Biggest Breasts in the World ???

Well, in my on-line world of big tits, at least. As you’ve probably guessed, I spend an inordinate amount of time scanning the ‘net for the biggest boobs I can find, but I have yet to come across any bigger than those of 46P Wonder Monique (and I suppose they call her that because, frankly, it’s a wonder Monique can stand with those massive mountains of mammary flesh protruding from her pectoral region!). Thus, until I discover someone who can top her P-cup bra size, she gets to keep my personal porn world’s record for the biggest breasts around.

Since I’m freely passing out honours here, I believe that our mega-busty BBW Wonder Monique also deserves an award for compulsive cleanliness (some sort of scrimshaw soap sculpture springs immediately to mind – one with magnificent breasts). The last time she graced the pages of My BBW Site, we found Monique in the shower…and this time, she’s in the bathtub (thus, it’s a wonder Monique doesn’t melt, too! but, then again, I suppose she’s got enough flesh on her bones to avert such an unlikely eventuality). Doesn’t that woman ever get out of the water?! Still, it does arouse my curiosity as to how much volume those huge tits displace when fully submerged. Hmmm…

Oh well, enough preponderance and on with the P-cups, courtesy of Wonder Monique 46P and

Wonder Monique 46P at Wonder Monique 46P at
Wonder Monique 46P at Wonder Monique 46P at
Wonder Monique 46P at Wonder Monique 46P at


22 thoughts on “Biggest Breasts in the World ???”

  1. I walked right by this amazing woman at the LAX airport as she stood in line waiting for her flight to Chicago about six months ago. It didn’t register that it was her until I passed her, and when I turned to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I THOUGHT I caught her looking my direction!

    I wanted to go up to her and tell her how big a fan I was, but I had to abstain for a few reasons. First, it’d be impolite to bring up her work in front of a bunch of strangers, and second, I was in uniform.

    I’ve been trying find a way to contact her directly to see if it really was her, with no luck.

    She’s amazing!

  2. she is a very cute girl I would love to have the chance to meet her not like in no wierd way but my thing is she is not afraid to take it off she should not be shy to talk shit I might just get lucky if I were to say the right things

  3. Monique is so fantastic. I mention it all the time but one of my favorite big bust sites ever has to be It was one of the earliest to feature big breasts in tight clothes and if you liked one particular model you could join their private website for pure naked goodness. Monique was another one of these models. That is where she got her start actually.

    Well anyway I’m only posting to brag. Topheavy was tons of fun because several times they had parties with many models present and allowed fans to interact with them. And I’m bragging because the biggest boobs winner Monique was there at a party I went to and I got to meet and dance with this breast goddess. It was a night I’ll never forget.

  4. Monique’s one of my favorite tight clothes huge breast models – but the biggest? Not, unless you ignore Norma Stitz, Melody, Karola, and Sally of (of Black Amateur Boobs fame). And Alottabreast, another great Topheavy model, was certainly up there with Monique in sheer bust size. All that notwithstanding, Monique is in very select company!

  5. She has no where near the world’s biggest tits. The record holder is 72ZZ Norma Stitz. She’s in the guinses book of world records. Type her name in your search engine and check it out.

  6. OK first off thank you so much for enjoying my pics. I do have two web sites and As for the water stuff yes I do alot of water stuff it is easier on my back with my boobs as you can image. LOL I was not in the lax airport 6 month ago but I’m sure that girl was awesome. As far as the largest breast thing yes Norma has huge ass boobs but I am now a 46T yes I have grown. Norma uses European sizes I don’t know what my size is but I think her and I are the same. And last I’m sorry I don’t do xxx I do like watching but it’s not my thing. Thanks and you can email me at thanks guys

  7. mmmm monique I love what I see, and wish to see you in person, If you are in NewYork, keep up the good work, also not only what you do, is your spirit I enjoy,”Peasce and Love” keith

  8. OK Im back and for all you out there who leave nice comments Thank you.
    And everyone else let’s get serious all these other models (they know who they are). Really Im the one and only greatest big boob model ever and everyone knows it. Anything to say about it email at hugz

  9. monique is without question nor arguement the most physically perfect, beautiful model to ever step in front of a camera. i have been an ssbbw lover all my life and respect women of all shapes and sizes but never in my life have i seen such regal & complete perfection as this god-given creature

  10. monique is, without question, the most perfect example of physical beauty that i have ever born witness to in my entire 36 years on this planet. Her facial and bodily perfection is akin to actual divinity. it is my contention that she, through her size, shape and face, she is quite frankly the difinitive epitome of physical perfection. LONG LIVE THE MAJESTIC AND REGAL MONIQUE. zoltan verdon, dublin, ireland.

  11. Yes, she’s absolute beautiful and her breast shape is unique…
    Only: She had a tummy tuck, what totally puts me off – so, sorry, but NO SORRY!

  12. I must be dreaming !I too was in the arms of women that looked as beautiful as you in southern Cali .She captured my heart and we got lost in each others eyes it was the best of times.And to see you only reminds me of her wow twins like that are soooo special .sincerely yours Bobbyv

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