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Busty Redhead She-Devil Sex with BBW Francesca

By far, one of the best comeback lines I’d ever used in a conversation with an ex-girlfriend had to be, “Because, after all, who wouldn’t want an insatiable sex slut of a busty girlfriend who fucks like a succubus in heat – a promiscuous nymphomaniac demoness who’ll suck your very soul out through your cock? Am I alone in this??” I was reminded of my erotic rejoinder on seeing busty BBW redhead Evzenie aka Francesca un-dressed like a sexy she-devil preparing to do just that in this penis licking foreplay photo from BBWDreams

Francesca aka Evzenie sucks cock like a demon in a busty redhead BBW sexy she-devil blowjob licking dick with huge tits hanging down to her belly at

…but since these seductively evil succubi are moreso known for fucking the life energy out of their male victims than giving out blowjobs all willy nilly in their night-time semen collecting escapades, let’s put the phallic foreplay fun of cock sucking aside and move on to our sexually stunning busty voluptuous redheaded she-devil Francesca fucking like a demon girl with her big ginger juggs a jiggling in busty BBW hardcore sex photos & videos from

44F BBW Francesca aka Evzenie hardcore at BBWDreams

Busty redhead BBW Francesca aka Evzenie hardcore at

44F BBW Francesca aka Evzenie videos at BBWDreams

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Desiree Charms – Beautiful Big Busty Blonde Boob Handles in a D-cup plus Tits for a BBW Blog Bonus!

Oh how I struggled for a big tits BBW blog title today since, upon first seeing stunningly sexy new arrival Desiree Charms on Plumper Pass whose sublimely sensual yet sexually explicit photo & video galleries were heralded by this following temptingly tasty thumbnail…

Sexy big boobs blonde BBW Desiree Charms fucking a big black cock at Plumper Pass -

…I instantly thought, “Yummy! I love big busty blonde fuckers and now I’ve got yet another one to play with!” So I clicked the aforementioned erotic image and, although this gorgeous plus-sized girl only had D-cup breasts to her cleavage credit, I found myself “udderly” captivated by how the delightful distribution of boob fat had her tits overflowing off to her sides forming a super sexy breast shelf of love handles under her arms where big boobs meet back flesh. Now these are what a sexy sideboob shot should be, me being the sort of large breast loving guy who tends to judge how truly busty a girl is by her big boobs view from behind! Anyway, here’s what I’m talking about in terms a side-on boob love handle tit shelf cumming cleavage courtesy of stunningly beautiful D-cup busty blonde BBW Desiree Charms at BBWsGoneBlack

Sexy side boob handles of fat breast flesh on big blonde D-cup BBW beauty Desiree Charms at Plumper Pass -    Wrap around tits fat to the back forming sexy boob love handles on big blonde D-cup BBW beauty Desiree Charms at Plumper Pass -

…however, as much as I could just go on and on praising the plumper pulchritude of this big boobs blonde beauty, when I went to fetch links to delightful D-cup Desiree Charms’ video and photo galleries, I found myself surprised to the tits over how many more busty BBW interracial sex scenes had been posted since my recent Haydee blog, so here’s not only sexy side-busty D-cup beauty Desiree Charms but also the big boobs BBW bonus of Charlie Cooper, Jane Kush, Brandy Ryder, Carly & Sydney JJ in photos & videos from

Tons of Big Boobs Interracial BBW Hardcore from BBWsGoneBlack

Desiree Charms from    Desiree Charms from    Desiree Charms from

Charlie Cooper from    Charlie Cooper from    Charlie Cooper from

Jane Kush from    Jane Kush from    Jane Kush from

Brandy Ryder from    Brandy Ryder from    Brandy Ryder from

Carly from    Carly from    Carly from

Sydney JJ from    Sydney JJ from    Sydney JJ from

Tons of Big Boobs BBW Interracial Videos from BBWsGoneBlack

Desiree Charms videos from    Desiree Charms videos from

Charlie Cooper videos from    Charlie Cooper videos from

Jane Kush videos from    Jane Kush videos from

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Super Busty BBW L-cup Breast Sex with Sapphire

Wow. After my busty BBW erotica epic earlier today, I feel almost too tapped out on massive tits to write about boobs for long but, speaking of long boobs, I just had to “cum” back to share sublimely sexy super busty BBW redhead Sapphire since she’s just released a new hardcore series for BBWDreams! What I love most about this fabulous foray into fat boob loving fornication is that it amply demonstrates big breast sex doesn’t have to be tit-fucking (although there is a lovely L-cup titfuck or two therein). The fact of the matter on massive mammaries is that I’d go so far as to classify large breast sex as being just about any sexual activity when huge tits “cum” into play – from the softly sensual feel of big boobs in your lap for a busty blowjob to gigantic breast fondling whilst fucking to cumming on tits in a colossal cleavage cumshot climax! Here’s our gorgeous ginger goddess with a few fine erotic examples of what I believe boob sex can be (and, although it really doesn’t qualify as big tit sex to my mind apart from the nipple pulling part, I just loved the tender BBW beautiful big belly fat fondling cuddle fuck in photo four so much I had to include it, likewise with the sexy spread leg Sapphire nude in number one); it’s my most massive breast and penis pleasure to present you with a few superbly sensual sex photos & hardcore videos of Sapphire fucking sexy as ever could be at

38L Sapphire Hardcore Photos from BBW Dreams

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

38L Sapphire Hardcore Videos from BBW Dreams

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Just Three Steps to BBW Heaven with Leah-Jayne

I’ve got a slightly revisionist attitude towards that old Three Steps to Heaven song where 1) you find a girl you love, 2) she falls in love with you and 3) you kiss and hold her tightly because, quite frankly, I find falling in lust with a girl far more easy than falling in love (although getting lost in enduring love and lust combined for one extra special lover has a lot to be said for it, too!) and, as much as I do enjoy a kiss and a cuddle (especially where busty chubby chicks are concerned), is that necessarily the end of the story? Because, truly, unless they’re talking about those “special cuddles” which are nothing more than a thinly-veiled euphemism for fucking, then I don’t want to know! “When do we get to the hot, steamy sex part?” is what I’m really after here, but their three steps to heaven make no provisions for perversion or promiscuous sex of any sort! Thus, BBW and plumper lovers, I propose that we dispense with the foreplay preliminaries and start off by taking it as read that we’ve already got the love and/or lust of a busty slut under our belts (erm, that is both figuratively and literally speaking), a sexually insatiable girl who really knows her way around a penis (yes, in both senses, once again) able, ready and willing to take your cock well in hand (just the phallic figurative, this time) and send you sailing off into orgasmic oblivion of ejaculation into the sublimely sensual and tender sexual touch of her twat, someone like the stunningly beautiful busty blonde BBW cum hungry cock loving slut goddess Leah-Jayne at BBWDreams (who seems here with her sultry looks and massive tits to have taken my penis in hand comment quite literally!)…

Leah-Jayne plays the voluptuous busty blonde big boobs cock hungry slut goddess at BBW Dreams -    Leah-Jayne plays with a penis big tits at the ready for boob cock cleavage combination at BBW Dreams -

(34HH Leah-Jayne photos courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…so, now that we have out hot sex slut with big tits sorted out, we can move on to my three steps to huge hooters BBW heaven (the huge hooters bit being a reference to lusty busty Leah-Jayne’s lovely HH-cup breasts so beautiful, as it goes): First, you position yourself comfortably on your back naked in bed whilst your super busty BBW fuck buddy kneeling next to your nude body gets her leg over (oh, and having a sexually aggressive girl who demands sex by shouting, “Shut up, get naked, get on your back and DON’T MOVE!” (a sexy sentence with which I am most happily all too familiar), can add to the sensual and erotic ambiance of the situation immensely). Second, she gets into sexual position herself by arranging her voluptuous nude body until your sexy busty slut girl is straddling your cock between her legs for comfortable sex in the cowgirl position (note it’s at this stage of sexual repositioning she may accidentally shove her massive breasts in your face and, should you feel her aroused areolas and erect nipples brush past your lips, let the huge tit-sucking commence!) and plays with your penis against her pussy until your cock hard-on reaches full erection for vaginal insertion upon which her expert penis handling skills “cum” into play, coaxing your cock into her cunt so deftly that you hardly notice she’s already fucking you since warm vaginal juices from her soaking wet pussy lubricating her hand cleverly cupping your cock to her cunt in a pussy jacking handjob emulated how your erect penis feels inside her vagina to simulated sexual perfection. Third and finally, she begins bucking her hips and humping your crotch with her cunt full of cock in a slow, steady rhythm to build up the sexual tension in need of relief over time (it pays to have a patient penis at this point, as the urge for orgasm is overwhelming), grinding your engorged genitals into her g-spot & cervix until she decides it’s time for you to cum inside her, releasing your semen by milking your cock with her cunt in tight vaginal contractions well-timed by the fanny flexing virtue of her strong pelvic floor muscle control ’til her repeatedly pulsing pussy makes your penis explode in orgasm ejaculating within her wet walls of well-endowed wonder, draining every last drop of jizz from your balls before cumming herself so that your now extra-sensitive penis post-cum could feel last nuance of the cock crushing contractions of a most intense female orgasm squeezing your penis in the genital grip of her cunt until your semen “cums” squirting out of her penis filled pussy as you feel your cumshot dribbling down the still swollen shaft of your sexually spent cock growing limp inside her vagina at rest until you find your flaccid phallus able to muster another erection to repeat all three steps again for the self sloppy seconds ejaculation of the second cumming variety. While the following hardcore Leah-Jayne busty cowgirl fucking photos don’t quite capture the intimate sexual mechanics of my personal three steps to heaven sex scenario in detail, they do at least give us the starting positions (including the optional big tit-sucking stage) of an extremely well-endowed woman working her feminine wiles upon you. Thus, I give you the ever lovely busty 34HH Leah-Jayne fucking in BBW girl-on-top sex photos from

Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at    Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at

Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at    Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at

(34HH Leah-Jayne photos courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…granted, other sexual positions are available with each offering yet more erotic possibilities but, despite their equally erogenous nature, might make for a somewhat uncomfortable fuck. Thus, I can take them or leave them, but the feeling of fucking a busty blonde with big boobs bouncing on top of me with her tits in my face and her pussy pulling my penis has made for by far the happiest, most sexually contented times of my life. I could die happy with the weight of a well-endowed woman squeezing the final breath from my lungs, locked in eternal post-coital embrace with my cum in her cunt being the last surviving vestige of my erotic existence. Blimey, I seem to have got unnecessarily morbid all of a sudden! Wonder what’s up with that, then? Anyways, just because having a big girl on top is fucking sex heaven to me doesn’t mean it floats everybody’s big boner boat so, for a few more busty BBW sex positions, here once again showing off her sublime sexual skills is ever sexy super busty 34HH Leah-Jayne in videos from

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Porsche Dali and the Under Boob Love Handles of Lust

Hey fat admirers and fans of the sexy full-figured female, there’s a new BBW on the block over at the Plumper Pass family of sites! Her name is Porsche Dali and I was first exposed to this delightful dirty blonde’s cute and chubby curvaceous charms appearing in the form of a sexy fat tits fairy (but not to be confused with the big boobs fairy) waving her well-endowed magic wand, and it seems to have worked, judging by her joy juggs of generous G-cup proportions…

Porsche Dali playing big boobs fairy with G-cup breasts at BBW Dreams -

(42G Porsche Dali BBW boob fairy photo courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…however, upon purposefully perving my way through the over 700 photos in pretty and pleasingly plump Porsche Dali’s big boobs debut gallery at BBW Dreams, I found far more than just her busty gorgeous G-cup breasts to lust after since, if you look just below the erotically enchanting inframammary folds of fat flesh that comprise the corpulent crease extending from the colossal cleavage of her massive tits all the way around to her back, you’ll see she’s got extra sexy love handles set high mid-torso forming ravishing rolls of fat below her boobs as seen in these side-boob and rear-view perspectives…

Fat flanks like love handles under tit shelf side view nude with beautiful big boobs dirty blonde BBW Porsche Dali at    Fat flanks like love handles under tit shelf back view nude with beautiful big ass dirty blonde BBW Porsche Dali at

(42G Porsche Dali BBW love handles photos courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…the moment I beheld the well-endowed womanly wonder of those erotic extra love handles her massive mammaries perched upon, I knew I’d found something special for my fat loving fingers to fondle whilst snuggling up into her G-cup cleavage as it would just be the ultimate big tits treat to bury my face in her boobs and reach around with both hands caressing the captivatingly curvaceous fatty flesh those fat love handles have on offer! Who knew big boobs could have love handles so beautiful, luscious and lovely? Blimey! I feel a high-set love handle fetish coming on, as if I need anything else to add to my busty BBW fetish list (let’s see, there’s the whole large breast fetish thing, my big fat belly fetish, my sexy rolls of fat fetish – no, if I keep it up, we’ll be here all day). Truly, my busty voluptuous lustful desire to grab hold of her love handles kneading fat between fingers and palms is “udderly” overwhelming (ah, but does that make me “kneady”?)! But my new-found love handle fetish for fat flanks aside (I mean, I love a girl with huge tits overhanging her sides but, honestly, having those hyper-erotic extra love handles under her boobs is almost too much to bear! I would just love to see Porsche Dali topless in a pair of tight jeans so we could see all four love handles at once, not to mention her beautiful big belly overhang as well!!), as there’s so much for more to gorgeous 42G Porsche Dali than big boobs with love handles hanging underneath. From top to toe she’s the perfect plump package with sexy dirty blonde hair, haunting hazel eyes, an adorable fuck me face and that’s even before we work our way down her cuddy BBW body from tempting big tits to sexy fat belly to soft shaved pussy to meaty thick thighs perfect to serve as comfy ear warmers oral sex! Add to that the fact that she’s so fucking hot giving killer busty blowjobs and is a really good fuck to boot, and you’ve got yet another sexy chubby cuddle fuck buddy who fulfills the fat fucking fantasy of my BBW dreams (and looking at the super sexy flabby belly cleavage she’s sporting on her plump tummy in one particular blowjob photo below, her pussy and tits aren’t the only things I’m thinking about fucking my way into!)! Ah, but I’ve well whittered on about wallowing in this extra well-endowed woman enough for today, so I’ll stop so you can enjoy more of new and stunningly gorgeous G-cup busty blonde BBW goddess Porsche Dali in photos & videos from

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBWDreams

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBW Dreams -

Porsche Dali videos from BBWDreams

Porsche Dali videos at BBW Dreams -