Porsche Dali and the Under Boob Love Handles of Lust

Hey fat admirers and fans of the sexy full-figured female, there’s a new BBW on the block over at the Plumper Pass family of sites! Her name is Porsche Dali and I was first exposed to this delightful dirty blonde’s cute and chubby curvaceous charms appearing in the form of a sexy fat tits fairy (but not to be confused with the big boobs fairy) waving her well-endowed magic wand, and it seems to have worked, judging by her joy juggs of generous G-cup proportions…

Porsche Dali playing big boobs fairy with G-cup breasts at BBW Dreams - BBWDreams.com

(42G Porsche Dali BBW boob fairy photo courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…however, upon purposefully perving my way through the over 700 photos in pretty and pleasingly plump Porsche Dali’s big boobs debut gallery at BBW Dreams, I found far more than just her busty gorgeous G-cup breasts to lust after since, if you look just below the erotically enchanting inframammary folds of fat flesh that comprise the corpulent crease extending from the colossal cleavage of her massive tits all the way around to her back, you’ll see she’s got extra sexy love handles set high mid-torso forming ravishing rolls of fat below her boobs as seen in these side-boob and rear-view perspectives…

Fat flanks like love handles under tit shelf side view nude with beautiful big boobs dirty blonde BBW Porsche Dali at BBWDreams.com    Fat flanks like love handles under tit shelf back view nude with beautiful big ass dirty blonde BBW Porsche Dali at BBWDreams.com

(42G Porsche Dali BBW love handles photos courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…the moment I beheld the well-endowed womanly wonder of those erotic extra love handles her massive mammaries perched upon, I knew I’d found something special for my fat loving fingers to fondle whilst snuggling up into her G-cup cleavage as it would just be the ultimate big tits treat to bury my face in her boobs and reach around with both hands caressing the captivatingly curvaceous fatty flesh those fat love handles have on offer! Who knew big boobs could have love handles so beautiful, luscious and lovely? Blimey! I feel a high-set love handle fetish coming on, as if I need anything else to add to my busty BBW fetish list (let’s see, there’s the whole large breast fetish thing, my big fat belly fetish, my sexy rolls of fat fetish – no, if I keep it up, we’ll be here all day). Truly, my busty voluptuous lustful desire to grab hold of her love handles kneading fat between fingers and palms is “udderly” overwhelming (ah, but does that make me “kneady”?)! But my new-found love handle fetish for fat flanks aside (I mean, I love a girl with huge tits overhanging her sides but, honestly, having those hyper-erotic extra love handles under her boobs is almost too much to bear! I would just love to see Porsche Dali topless in a pair of tight jeans so we could see all four love handles at once, not to mention her beautiful big belly overhang as well!!), as there’s so much for more to gorgeous 42G Porsche Dali than big boobs with love handles hanging underneath. From top to toe she’s the perfect plump package with sexy dirty blonde hair, haunting hazel eyes, an adorable fuck me face and that’s even before we work our way down her cuddy BBW body from tempting big tits to sexy fat belly to soft shaved pussy to meaty thick thighs perfect to serve as comfy ear warmers oral sex! Add to that the fact that she’s so fucking hot giving killer busty blowjobs and is a really good fuck to boot, and you’ve got yet another sexy chubby cuddle fuck buddy who fulfills the fat fucking fantasy of my BBW dreams (and looking at the super sexy flabby belly cleavage she’s sporting on her plump tummy in one particular blowjob photo below, her pussy and tits aren’t the only things I’m thinking about fucking my way into!)! Ah, but I’ve well whittered on about wallowing in this extra well-endowed woman enough for today, so I’ll stop so you can enjoy more of new and stunningly gorgeous G-cup busty blonde BBW goddess Porsche Dali in photos & videos from BBWdreams.com:

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBWDreams

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBW Dreams - BBWdreams.com

Porsche Dali videos from BBWDreams

Porsche Dali videos at BBW Dreams - BBWdreams.com




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