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Hippy Chick’s lesbian sex romp…

I’m just an old hippy at heart. When I’m not dancing around in my tie-dye robe, beating my drum on Solstice at Stonehenge, I’m awaiting the annual influx of 120,000 of my ilk to the nearby Glastonbury Festival. And with the wife & I being swingers, we’re very much into the “free love” lifestyle that hippie-dom embraces, all of which probably goes a long way to explain why I was instantly intrigued to learn of a girl known only as “Hippy Chick” over at the Plumper Pass website. So, of course, I visited the site to find out more about this woman who apparently shared my values (ok, so I was actually looking for naked pictures, of which there were plenty). ;~)

The real treat, though, was finding a video of her paired up with big-boobed blonde BBW Daphne, the latter of whom uses her teeth & tongue to tug on Hippy’s nipple & clit piercings before ravenously licking out her pussy. When these two voluptuous vixens get down and dirty with their double-ended dildo, I was heartened to see the ever-thoughtful Hippy fetching a towel to keep from soaking the bed (see? we hippies are a kindly lot!). In the end, Hippy Chick winds up giving Daphne’s strap-on cock a deep-throat blowjob, right before quite literally “getting it in the end” herself! Mmmm – doggy-style lesbian plumper sex – what could be better?!

Of course, you’ll need to visit Plumper to see the entirety of this amazing 50 minute epic, but here are some of the highlights:

Hippy Chick & Daphne of Hippy Chick & Daphne of
Hippy Chick & Daphne of Hippy Chick & Daphne of
Hippy Chick & Daphne of Hippy Chick & Daphne of