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A Healthy Dose of Xtacy at BBW Dreams

Ah, sweet Xtacy, the busty blonde BBW with whom I became so enamoured that, although she’d only done one series for the Plumper Pass family of sites, I just couldn’t resist blogging her twice (’twas only fair, though, since I’d inadvertently misspelled her name as Xtasy the first time)…

Xtasy blog on My BBW Site    Xtacy blog on My BBW Site

…there was just something about stunningly sexy Xtacy and her beautiful breasts (which look far bigger than a D-cup to me, to be honest, despite her measurement stats being stated as 38D-30-37 on the site) that I found “udderly” irresistible. But my surprise sexual attraction towards Xtacy went well beyond her big boobs as she was one of those ravishingly rare busty models where I was torn between staring at her huge tits and gorgeous face (especially in that first thumbnail above). Perhaps it was the deliciously slutty disposition Xtacy portrayed in that voluptuous visage radiant with eroticism in a come hither gaze combining bedroom eyes and a seductive smile framed by flowing flaxen locks disheveled, as if she’d enjoyed an recent romp in bed and yet was still sexually insatiable for more, but this buxom blue-eyed blonde had stolen my horny heart.

Then Xtacy disappeared and I feared she’d retired from porn altogether. :~( Sure, I did find her webcamming as SweetXtasy4U for a while (thus resulting in a third Xtacy blog on MyBoobSite), but soon stopped doing that, too. :~((

However, the sad story now has a happy ending since my webmaster mate the Big Tit Pimp informed me that Xtacy has come out of porn retirement after a seven year hiatus to appear on his BBWDreams site! What’s more, her new series has well over 700 photos to complement the hardcore video for a healthy dose of Xtacy beyond my wildest erotic expectations!! In addition to plenty of pretty big tits pictures supporting my D-cup doubt, I also came across a sexy selection of beautiful big fat belly love photos amongst the busty BBW bounty heralding Xtacy’s long-awaited return…

Big fat belly love for sexy busty blonde BBW Xtacy at    Big fat belly love for sexy busty blonde BBW Xtacy at    Big fat belly love for sexy busty blonde BBW Xtacy at

…which may well be the first fabulous flabby belly sucking foreplay on my BBW blog, thus feeding my fat belly fetish even further! Alas, why is there such a lack of BBW belly porn, with some plus-sized models even going so far as to obscure their adorably ample abdomen from our view? Sure, there’s loads of big tit licking and plump pussy eating and even big ass analingus about, but I need to get my fill of belly sex, too! So kudos to Xtacy and her BBW loving boner buddy for bringing belly foreplay to the fore. :~)

And so, having made me languish in lust the last six years of so when this busty voluptuous vixen fell off my rubenesque radar but then returning as beautiful busty mature BBW MILF material (or so the site seems to imply), here’s my amazing Xtacy in hardcore photos & videos from

38D Xtacy hardcore at BBWDreams

Xtacy at BBW Dreams -

38D Xtacy videos at BBWDreams

Xtacy videos at BBW Dreams -




Girl On Top Big Tit Sucking Sex is Best with Poppy

Back in my best sexual positions for fucking busty plumpers post, I’d noted my personal preference for BBW on top cowgirl style sex as being best of all. So, today, I just wanted to pop in for a quickie with this fine fucking photo I found on BBWDreams to provide yet more erotic evidence of my assertion…

Busty blonde plumper girl on top big boobs in your face tit sucking cowgirl style sex is the best position for fucking sexy 34F Poppy from BBW Dreams -

…the stunningly beautiful busty blonde girl on top doing all the fucking with big boobs smothering her tit-sucking boner bloke below is lovely 34F Poppy (the latest new arrival to the Plumper Pass family, btw) and those super sexy F-cups are the ideal cup-size for getting more than mouthful of breast flesh without the fear of being totally squished by tits in the process! Whomever originally said that more than a mouthful is a waste was just being polite, I reckon, as it does require reasonably large breasts pendulous enough to get tits hanging low enough for nipple suckling to be practical in this position, I would think. Then again, my experience having sex with small chested girls is limited, to say the least, so maybe I’m talking out of my ass. Whatever the case, I know what I like, and feeling a nice pair of F-cup tits in my face whilst the girl does the all the work of fucking for me (being the big breast loving lazy blonde boning bastard I am) rates up toward the top of my best things in life list (damn, I’ve got an erection now). Thus, more sexy photos & videos of pretty & perfectly proportioned busty plumper Poppy of

34F Poppy hardcore at BBWDreams

Poppy 34F busty blond BBW hardcore at

34F Poppy videos at BBWDreams

Poppy 34F busty blond BBW videos at




Big Girls are Sexy with Samantha38g

Earlier this morning, I received an instant message from the lovely Vix (yes, even though we live in the same house, we use Yahoo to communicate) with a link to an article revealing British reality TV series The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins nude in all her busty voluptuous naked glory. Whilst the plus-sized glamour shot was positively stunning, to say the least, what was even more beautiful were her words. The gorgeous Gemma mused, “I’m not perfect, but I am confident and I feel beautiful. I’m a size 18-20 and almost 17 stone (238lbs), so I’m doing it for us bigger girls. Some people are like, ‘Gemma, why don’t you get the weight off?’ and I say, ‘Cos I feel sexy!’ The day I feel gross is the day I’ll do something about it. But I don’t. I love my boobs, and I’ve got a little waist. My hips are a little bit fat, but you’ve got to shake what your mama gave you! Skinny is not something I strive to be.”

Good on her! Even better, though, was the fact that this super sexy Gemma Collins’ nude photo spread and her plus-sized ponderings were published in mainstream celebrity news magazine Heat, thus ensuring a most widespread audience comprised of the general public because, whereas fat admirers and BBW lovers like ourselves are well aware big girls are sexy and deserve to see themselves as such, it’s important that our size acceptance message reaches the world at large. Truly, if only one full-figured female unsure of her innate sexiness can see these pictures, read the article and be inspired by Gemma Collins’ confidence in her body big and beautiful, it’ll be a job well done.

After all, being well beyond any fleeting physical or anatomical attributes of attraction well-endowed women may possess, self-confidence is the sexiest quality of all. And, when we’re talking sexual self-confidence, one luscious larger lady springs to mind immediately as pioneering pinnacle of BBW porn in this respect; I’m speaking, of course, about the “udderly” gorgeous G-cup busty blonde BBW goddess that is sexy Samantha 38G, living life large, loud and proud to be a plumper above all others at her site…

Big girls are sexy gets proof positive from Samanatha 38G nude at the poolside save for her cowboy hat at    Big girls are sexy gets proof positive from Samanatha 38G nude at the poolside having lost her hat at

…even moreso than being a buxom blue-eyed blonde with big boobs to die for (the five characteristic Bs which define the ideal woman in my eyes), it’s a simple matter of her exuding self-confidence from every pore that keeps me “cumming” back for more. And, although this quality seems so self-evident in all her photos and videos, it comes oozing out in her frank and intelligent writing as well (i.e. stop staring at her tits for a bit and read what Sam has to say on her blog)! So, seeing as the last time I’d blogged Sam’s personal site was when Cherry came to visit (although we did see Sam at BigTitsGlamour after that, and followers of our Twitter feed were updated on an even more recent appearance), I thought I’d share some of the superbly sensual photo and video galleries she’s released since then. Thus, stunningly beautiful and sexually self-confident as ever (even when she’s got a 12-inch penis parting her intermammary sulcus (i.e. a foot-long cock in her cleavage)), here’s our irrepressibly sexy Samantha38g in photos & videos at

New photos from Samantha38G

Samantha 38G new gallery update from    Samantha 38G new gallery update from

Samantha 38G new hardcore gallery update from    Samantha 38G new hardcore gallery update from

New videos from Samantha38G

Samantha 38G new video update from    Samantha 38G new video update from

Samantha 38G new hardcore video update from    Samantha 38G new hardcore video update from