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Busty Redhead Plumper Jemstone 38G

Just a quickie to say while I did fully intend to BBW blog beautiful busty redhead Jemstone with her super sexy eyes saying “fuck me now” at every turn, it seems this gorgeous ginger goddess of G-cup breasts ended up on My Boob Site instead! Thus, I fear I shall have to trouble you busty redhead plumper fans of ginger tits to click the following beautiful big ass banner with luscious large labia lips in front but big boobs behind to see sensual 38G Jemstone on MyBoobSite for photos & videos from her most recent appearance at

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Kendra Grace – Be My BBW Cuddle Buddy?

One thing that I miss most in my life is having a good cuddle, wrapping myself around the comforting warmth of the voluptuous feminine flesh of a wonderfully well-endowed woman, wallowing against her as I lose myself in fabulous folds of fat fondling big boobs and kneading flabby belly meat to my heart’s content, fulfilling my tactile need to touch until my roving hands fall silent and still below large breasts caressed as I carry on hugging her tummy to sleep, spooning in close to her chubby cuddly body feeling warm and secure the whole night through. Sadly, my lovely wife is unable to enjoy cuddling with me for a good length of time because of her medical condition rendering it uncomfortable, so my insatiable desire to fall asleep locked together tight in an all-night hug remains but an unrequited cuddle fantasy unfulfilled lest I can find myself a cuddle buddy like super sexy Kendra Grace at BBW Dreams

Kendra Grace

…as, indeed, disarmingly cute & comfortably curvaceous Kendra Grace exemplifies the epitome of the perfect cuddle buddy to me, further fulfilling my busty BBW fetish fantasies for a big cuddly belly & fat tits for fondling tenderly amidst our imminent, infinite, intimate embrace. Oh, and Kendra? If you’re reading this, not to worry about my wife since we’re both into the swinging scene but, whilst most swingers are looking for a fuck buddy for shagging or even just a wanking buddy for masturbation fun, I’d be perfectly happy and contented with a nice cuddle, me. In fact, lovely Kendra, if you’re well and truly up for a good, long hug, I promise to keep my carnal inclinations at bay (although a soft, sensual cuddle-fuck with you would be MOST welcome as well, should you be so sexually inclined to invite my penis in to play). ;~)

Whatever has got into me, here?! Major fan of hardcore BBW porn that I am watching the stunningly sexy woman well-endowed with lovely large breasts and a beautiful big belly (not to mention those piercing grey-green eyes that could set my cock off cumming with one gorgeous glance whould I have the profound pleasure to put my penis in her mouth at any point), and what do I fantasize about? Sex? A busty titfuck? A BBW blowjob? No, a fucking cuddle! Big boobs blimey, maybe I’m totally losing my touch, here, especially after seeing all of the busty voluptuous sexual talents she’s got to share in these horny hardcore photos & videos of cute & cuddly Kendra Grace at

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Huge Boobs Heavy Hangers on Haydee Rodriguez

Well, considering that A) I’m not particularly fond of non-blondes and, B), I don’t like girls with kinky crimped or curly hair as a general rule, I must nonetheless admit that I’m extremely big boobs beguiled by BBW busty Latina voluptuous lovely Haydee Rodriguez whom I saw for my first time ever over at PP‘s BBWs Gone Black interracial porn portal…

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…leave to such a stunningly beautiful pair of huge tits hanging down to the bed bouncing away from that sexy big ass body up on her hands and knees fucking busty BBW doggy-style with a big black cock from behind to make me overcome my hairist attitudes. And, although her stats at Plumper Pass say she’s got G-cup breasts at best, I truly think her massive tits are much bigger than that! In fact, they look more like gigantic J-cup juggs to my massive mammaries mind, considering those extremely heavy handfuls of hefty breast flesh and colossal cleavage she’s showing off having sex from below above. I’d love a busty BBW Latina lover like her as I can but imagine laying under her mighty huge udders getting totally wrapped up in tits smothering my face in her soft feminine fleshy funbags whilst fucking and, no, I wouldn’t even care that she’s got a big black penis in her pussy since the pounding of cock in cunt as hips hump fat against her ample ass would just add to the magnificent mammary gland motion of her big boobs ocean! Erm, let me hold that thought for a good long while whilst you all otherwise occupy your chubby loving selves with (questionably) 40G busty Latina BBW Haydee Rodriguez in hardcore interracial videos and huge boobs BBW fucking sexy fat tits photo gallery from

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BBW Pussy Squirting Sex with Multiple Orgasms

Although I’ve covered extreme pussy squirting orgasms on the vagina mono-blog many times before since the tender twat trickling topic of orgasmic female ejaculation seems a most popular pussy pastime both in foreplay and fucking, the best I’ve been able to scare up in terms of vaginally squirty sex on the BBW blog has been sorely limited to a comparatively tame and gentle genital gush. Truth is, good hardcore cunt gushing orgasms are hard to cum by in any porn niche, BBW and plumper gushing included, so I look out for sex with a pussy squirter whenever I can get it, today being one such multi-orgasmic occasion!

But, first, let me introduce you to the new busty blonde D-cup BBW on the block at Hot Sexy Plumpers, lovely little 40D Michelle looking as deliciously slutty and sublimely sexy as ever when she takes big tit fondling male member masturbation matters well in hand as she does chubby loving comfortable with a cock in her cunt pounding penis into pussy riding cowgirl style like a beautiful big ass plumper pile-driver plunging and plumbing the depths of her voluptuous vagina over the rigid rod of an erection her sex stud has to offer as a hot meaty seat treat with a boner bonus to penetrate her plump pubic mound of fat female genital flesh goodness that is that sexy shaved vulva of hers…

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…right, then – erotic introductions out of the way. let’s get on with the pussy squirting orgasms of the multiorgasmic variety. Honestly, I have never seen a pussy ejaculating girl cum so much in my life as I have in this particular pussy gushing video of vagina volcano Michelle! A horny girl having multiple orgasms in sex is one thing, but repeated multiple pussy gushing orgasms are all but unheard of in hardcore porn as the girl cum squirting pussy provides the ultimate climax for cunt gushing content, the ejaculation of the female cumshot being synonymous with the money shot in the pussy fetish porn niche, but busty BBW blonde Michelle just keeps on cumming and cumming so much in this video with her vagina gushing genital juices all the while! In fact, this horny multi-orgasmic girl ends up pussy squirting on cock so many times in the course of this super wet vagina video that I lost count of her cunt gushing 20 minutes into this nearly continuous multiple orgasm movie! For but a tempting taste of vaginal juices from what her talented twat can do on the sexy female fountain fanny front, here, in but a brief one-minute tube-style clip that would best be entitled either Close Encounters of the Squirt Kind or Eternal Orgasm of the Spotless Dick (from her fuck-buddy having his penis washed in gushing pussy juice so many times), I give you the gushing female genitalia of magnificent multiple squirter Michelle from her extreme sex multi-orgasmic girl ejaculating non-stop pussy squirting video at

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…oh, I do love how she sucks his cock clean to get a taste of her own girl cum sweet sexual fluids after squirting vagina juice all over it! :~o

Now, although I can’t stop myself from being so fucking impressed by the pussy squirting saavy this most multi-orgasmic girl has to offer amidst her decidedly manifold and demonstrably mellifluous sexual techniques (actually, hyper-orgasmic girl would’ve been a more apt description for this sexually insatiable slut goddess of genital gushing orgasms a plenty), and so I’ll set aside my sexy female ejaculation fetish for pussy spraying sexual fluids hither, thither and yon in continuous clitoral cumshots to show you a bit more of what’s in store in terms of your run-of-the-mill blowjobs and tit-play and full-on fucking from beautiful D-cup busty and super squirty BBW sex monster Michelle courtesy of her photo and video galleries from

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Samantha 38G goes Anal at

Sorry for the colossal cleavage cross-post, but we’ve got a big boobs breakthrough in BBW porn on our hands since sexy Samantha 38G has just done anal for the first time ever at her Samantha38g site! I’ve just blogged Sam on MyBoobSite with regard to this long awaited anal sex announcement on her part so, rather than belabouring the beautiful big butt fucking point here, I thought I’d send you to the big tits blog to see the all new Samantha 38G anal video from

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Emma Bailey Returns to our Teen BBW Dreams

Just a quickie but I received a most wonderful Yahoo altering me to the fact that the stunningly beautiful busty girl whom I believe to be the cutest chubby teen BBW in the whole wide world of well-endowed women has just put in another new hardcore appearance at Plumper Pass! I’m speaking, of course, of my bountifully big & busty teen dream girl Emma Bailey who first serendipitously crossed my curvaceous, cute & chubby chaser’s radar scarcely three months ago…

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…in summary of her new sexy series at their BBW Dreams site…

Plumper Pass wrote:

Emma Bailey – Anal Virgin … No More!

Emma Bailey returns to us with a mission. To do anal for the first time EVER… with us. How amazing is that? Everyone’s favorite barely legal BBW chose Plumper Pass for this milestone!
So you know it was done right! She started off in the pool showing off those gorgeous fat curves of hers. Those huge round natural boobies with those big nipples were begging to get sucked and fucked in between. My favorite part of Emma is her bubble butt ass! So you can only imagine how intense and hot that anal scene of hers is… She does a royal job of getting fucked and loved every inch of it. I think we just witnessed the birth of an anal queen! Enjoy!

…so incomparably beautiful teen BBW Emma Bailey has lost her anal virginity in porn. While I suppose to anal sex fans of fat ass fucking that this is big news but, for me, the busty BBW butt fuck ass-pect is but a secondary sexual consideration since, whether it be a cock in her ass for a bum fuck or a dick in her mouth for a blowjob or even a penis in pussy for conventional coitus, it just gives me another excuse to watch incomparably cute Emma Bailey having sex (and I must say that this magnificent mammary maiden of mere D-cup proportions has well and truly mastered the erotic art of those sexually apprehensive looks she casts our way from time to time playing up the role of reluctant teen virgin fucking for the first time ever)! So, adorable ample ass anal sex aside to make way for the whole delightful D-cup busty pretty plumper package (blimey!! who’d’ve ever thought that any albeit cute & chubby girl with just D-cup breasts could be so irresistibly attractive to me?!), here’s ever beautiful & sublimely sexy Emma Bailey going anal in teen BBW backdoor boning hardcore photos & videos from

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