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Maria Moore – Big boobs & baby oil massage…

Truly the epitome of a hot, sexy plumper if there ever was one, I was thrilled to see that big tits voluptuous vixen Maria Moore has made a move onto my favourite of BBW sites – Hot Sexy Plumpers – renown for its vast appeal not only to your garden variety chubby chaser, but to genuine big breast lovers as well! HSP’s model directory reads like a veritable who’s who in the world of big boobs with the likes of Ms. Deja, Seana Rae, Strawberry Cummings, Samantha 38G & Wonder Tracy among the cast. It’s also the on-line home of my all-time favourite busty blonde BBW, Xtasy!

Who better, then, to add to this compendium of colossal cleavage than the gorgeous Maria Moore (whose bust-size measurements, although typically stated as 34HH in her stats, have grown by such epic proportions that she now fills up a J-cup bra)? Massive mammaries to die for indeed!

In this, her first video for HotSexyPlumpers, we find Ms. Moore meticulously massaging her luscious large breasts in baby oil after deliciously losing her black halter-neck top (which is just as well, though, since her huge tits were spilling out of it in every direction anyway). And, if you watch the video very carefully as she dribbles those first slippery drops onto her right tit and commences fondling with a passion – extruding hot, heavy handfuls of shiny tit-meat with a firm, two-handed grip extending from the chest wall to the nipples, thus accentuating her already saucer-like areolas – you’ll also find that we’re also treated to a gratuitous pussy shot! [ed note: hee hee, sorry ’bout that! ] Now I’m not really sure whether or not it’s Maria’s pussy sneaking onto the set, or just some clever cat thinking “hmmm… breasts = milk!”, but I did nonetheless find it to be a cute diversion (not to mention an opportunity to include the word “pussy” several times in my blog). ;~)

All silliness aside, I must say that it’s a true pleasure to include Maria Moore amidst the busty plumpers of MyBBWSite. And so, here’s a healthy handful of Maria’s more-than-a-mouthful mammary movie clips from the first of what I hope shall become many videos at

Maria Moore Videos from Maria Moore Videos from
Maria Moore Videos from Maria Moore Videos from
Maria Moore Videos from Maria Moore Videos from

[note: actual videos downloadable from the site are 640×480 resolution]




Tits in your face at the Big Boobs Bonanza !!

Ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with the models featured on MyBBWSite? Well, now’s your chance at the “Big Boob Bonanza” booth (#4082) at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo 2007!

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2007

It’ll be a veritable big tits summit with pornstar favourites from sites like TittyLand, BigBadMamas, HotSexyPlumpers, BigLovin, SexySamantha38G and more! In addition to the already established roster of Carmen Hayes, Devyn Devine, Eden 38DD, Ms. Panther, Samantha 38G & Seana Rae, I’ve also just learned that Lisa Sparxxx will be in attendance, too!

The event is running from January 10th through the 13th at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and fans are more than welcome. If you’re fortunate enough to make it, please give Sam & Devyn a warm hug from me whilst I endure a chilly English Winter across the pond. For those who can’t here are a few video galleries of the girls in action:

Carmen Hayes video gallery from Carmen Hayes video gallery from
Devyn Devine video gallery from Devyn Devine video gallery from
Eden 38DD video gallery from Eden 38DD video gallery from
Lisa Sparxxx video gallery from Lisa Sparxxx video gallery from
Ms. Panther video gallery from Ms. Panther video gallery from
Samantha 38G video gallery from Samantha 38G video gallery from
Seana Rae video gallery from Seana Rae video gallery from




Priming plumper pussy…

It was only recently that I witnessed my first full-on female erection (courtesy of my wife, Vix). I was aware that, during arousal and foreplay, the clitoris engorged with blood – similar to the erect penis – but had no idea of the sheer magnitude and beauty of the physiological changes that take place!

In order to ensure that I had the “best seats in the house”, Vix positioned me sitting on the bed between her spread legs. She then got out her vibrator and began gently stroking its tip in a horseshoe motion around her pubic region, careful not to touch her clit or pussy lips. The first thing I noticed was that her labia flaps began to swell, unfurling like a flower in time-lapse photography. Next, it was her clitoris that began to enlarge and it wasn’t long before she was so aroused that the pussy juices began pouring from her vagina.

It was incredible and a sight that I’ll never forget. Not once did the vibrator actually touch her genitalia, and yet the transformation was most dramatic. Of course, she was so ravenously horny by that time that we had to fuck then and there. I learned an important lesson that day; if I just take the time to tease and arouse a woman – not just dive straight into her pussy, be it with fingers, mouth or cock – then the profound pleasure that we both experience when it finally comes to the “main event” will be beyond compare.

I was reminded of this when I saw the following video over at BigLovin wherein Snowy “primes her pussy” – first with a tiny vibrator and then a large dildo – before moving on to a real cock. I just hope that she let her partner watch as she prepared for penetration, as there’s nothing quite like it.

Here are a few video clips from Snowy’s movie at

Snowy at Snowy at
Snowy at Snowy at
Snowy at Snowy at