When Sparxxx Fly

Remember Lisa Sparks, or Sparxxx as she is also known, from the World Gang Bang Championship? She won by shagging 919 men all on 16 October, 2004.

Born in Kentucky in 1977, she has appeared in music videos and television programs as well as many porn movies. My guess is that all happened when she had more of a mainstream appearance.
Anyhoo, now she is a plumper with fabulous fleshly folds and comfy curves, she naturally appears on Plumper Pass. An appropriate home for a hefty, heavy, honey like Lisa.

I am struggling to find stats for her, as a BBW. There’s quite a lot, online, about the slimmer Ms Sparxxx, but that just records her as measuring 36DD-32-40. That is not how she is now, for sure, as evidenced by the following hardcore photos of her fucking.
She looks like she is enjoying herself whilst she’s getting a pounding from that big, black cock. So many girls look like they’re just going through the motions.

Plumper Pass have been so kind as to provide us with a video of voluptuous Lisa, too:

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7 thoughts on “When Sparxxx Fly”

  1. Hnnngh. Is there anything sexier than witnessing a woman blossom into sexy voluptuous bbw? I think not. She looks literally 10 times sexier like this. More of this kind of comparison, please.

  2. If history repeats itself, she’ll be just like Carmella Bing. She get hooked on drugs, become anorexic, and land in jails with a bunch of open sores.

  3. I am surprised by these pics and video. I have seen Lisa Sparks’ tumblr and twitter accounts, and she definitely looks different from those and this. I’m wondering if she’s updating sometimes with older pics of herself. Then again, she does take a lot of top down self portraits of herself.

    Still, regardless, she looks hot as ever.

  4. No matter how fat or thin she’s got, and no matter how many guys she’s shagged (2000+ now?), she will always have one of the most tidiest pussies in the business, and you know me- I’m always happy to bury my face between some chubby thighs and get my tongue on a tidy pussy.

    Gorgeous then, and still is now- Hurrah for Sparxxx!!! xxxx

  5. I would love to see her get fucked by Ramon. He did a great job smashing the equally sexy Eden 38DD 🙂 🙂 🙂

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