The wonder of P-cup boobs…

Now, I’ve blogged a lot of huge tits over on MyBoobSite – the 38L’s of Sabrina Meloni, the 38MM’s of LushBoobs’ Liana, the 48NNN’s of Serenity Davis – but I have to say that this is the first time I’ve ever encountered a P-cup size! Such monster mammaries can only belong to BBW Dreams‘ Wonder Monique, who needs a massive custom 46P bra just to contain them!

Ever since discovering my fetish for big boobs, I’ve always gravitated toward the plumper women, since large breasts seem to come as part of the “standard equipment” on these models. Well, the voluptuous Monique certainly goes a long way to prove my point! I just love the way those pendulous P-cups hang all the way down to the bed when she’s sitting there.

The only real trouble I have with a P-cup is that it sounds suspiciously like something you’d use for “watersports” (and, no, I’m not talking about swimming here *wink wink, nudge nudge*). But nevermind that. Let’s join Monique in the shower, shall we? And watch her colossal cleavage come clean courtesy of these video clips from

Wonder Monique 46P from Wonder Monique 46P from
Wonder Monique 46P from Wonder Monique 46P from
Wonder Monique 46P from Wonder Monique 46P from


9 thoughts on “The wonder of P-cup boobs…”

  1. Finally you’re getting up there in the SSBBWs with RBTs, really big tits. We need to have a showdown between Monique, Norma Stitz, and Karola for the biggest boobs on a BBW. And don’t forget to include Amazon of Juggmaster, and a few other chocolate chicks, such as the ones at Udder Valley Ranch, Ethnic Knockers, and There’s got to be some P, Q or even bigger tits at those places. I know that UVR claims Sweet Pea has P cups. Thanks for keeping use ‘abreast’ of those magnificent monsters!

  2. I watched the vid clips and also Monique in a short preview from Massive mellons and she definitely has ssome big tits. But her nipples and areolas? Where the hell are they? I guess her nipples point straight down or even a bit inward, but I’ll be damned if I can tell where her areolas are! Maybe they’re like Karola’s, they’re so light and stretched out that they’re hard to see. But Monique’s are just confusing, and I don’t find them very attractive.

  3. Evening Reese, honey.

    It’s your wife here.

    I am feeling somewhat insignificant, after seeing Monique! Blimey, even your huge cock would get lost in there. Mind you, what a way to go, eh?

    I have been looking around on here and I think that this chick

    looks a bit like I do.

    You know, I have a dress like that, too. We should do a photo shoot and see what your other readers think. Maybe not in a red dress though. I’d probably get upset that I did not look as good as Candy does. I could spend some time in those folds of hers, mate!

    Now, if you get home to me, any time soon, we could see if we can work on breaking that 30 minute BJ record, too.

    I’m waiting….

  4. Vix~

    Awww – no need to feel insignificant – I’m perfectly content with your F-cups! However, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the occasional G-cup & up breaks that I get every now and again. ;~) Tell you what, if my cock ever does get lost in someone’s cavernous cleavage, you can head the search party! Erm…blindfolded, of course, and using only your tongues to probe for clues.

    I agree that you do bear a vague resemblance to Sweet Devilz Candy, but she’s a lot chubbier and you’ve got much nicer nipples, imho. I know what you mean about spending some time in Candy’s folds, but I think could occupy myself even longer exploring the furthest reaches of Xtasy:

    Humblest apologies for having turned your 30-minute blowjob into a 45-minute one last night (I blame the Guinness!), but you picking up where you’d left off this morning was utterly heavenly! So, it seems you now hold the all-time records for both the longest blowjob and the quickest titwank / handjob, right? :~D

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. hello, i am martin 49 m nny. well endowed black man. recently an older gal moved into the building i live in. she is a 46 ppp. i was wondering what that looks like, she i sconstantly putting her hand in my pocket, she says her hand is cold.

  6. I have a cousin whose tits are so big, they look like Norma Stitz. She’s a very far removed cousin fortunately, so I get a few peeks in without feeling guilty ( she doesn’t know). Here cleavage is up to her throat, and they sit out to her knees. If she wears pants she sits with her legs apart and they naturally (even with bra on) sag well between her legs. She has the longest cleavage I have ever seen. The best part was seeing her nurse a child. I can’t begin to describe those areolas and the nipples were massive. They were just all over the house. They shake when she does minor things, like talking. Wow. She walks slightly bent over.

  7. the only way tits can be measured, is by weight. i think norma stitz has the heaviest tits on the web. maybe karola.

  8. As a devout lover of ssbbw and very large bbw women (above 280lbs AT LEAST) i have to say that Wonder Monique is in my opinion the most physically glorious, beautiful, perfect wonderful woman that ever existed, to ever live and breathe. I have her all over my bedroom wall, i have hundreds of full-size pictures of her along with every XL magazine shoot she has ever done but i STILL dont have EVERYTHING she has ever done and i wud appreciate a list of magazines and DVD titles to complete my WONDER MONIQUE collection. I CANNOT GET ENOUG of this flawless woman, this CLEOPATRA of models.

    i love you monique

    i love you Wonder Monique. Never lose a pound or change anything about yourself. YOU and YOU ALONE are THE MOST BEAUTFUL WOMAN THAT EVER LIVED. IF you STILL have the SAME FORWARDING ADDRESS NOW that XL Magazine have for you in 2010, PLEASE write to me. I HAVE sent you a letter which will be forwarded to you by THE SCORE COMPANY IN FLORIDA.


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