The “Devine” Ms. Devyn…

I just had to take a moment to publicly thank heavenly plumper Devyn Devine for this lovely photo she sent me for MyBoobSite (thanks, Devyn!), so I figured what better opportunity to blog her latest video from the BBWland website!

Being the big blowjob fan that she is, that’s precisely how Devyn kicks off the action in this 48 minute sex fiesta. In fact, whenever Devyn’s about, you almost expect her to burst into spontaneous blowjobs in much the same manner that actors in a musical burst into song! The male lead in this video, however, doesn’t burst until Ms. Devine treats him to a tight spit-lubed titfuck (and she does so seem to enjoy him rubbing his spent cock through her cum-covered cleavage when all is said and done).

Sandwiched between its cock-sucking commencement and terminal tit-fuck, this movie’s chock full of plumper fucking goodness. I had to watch it several times to get the full benefit, as my attention kept wandering to Devyn’s big jiggly tits bouncing in time to the relentless pussy pounding (it’s almost hypnotic, like a lava lamp). ;~o Granted, these few clips don’t really do justice to the full-length high-res video available on BBWLand, but they should serve to give you a fair idea of Devyn’s delights. Hmmm, I wonder if 4,000 miles is too far to travel for a truly “Devine” blowjob?! ;~)

(note: video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)



12 thoughts on “The “Devine” Ms. Devyn…”

  1. Heh. One lava lamp, a few funny cigarettes, and you end up with hallucinations. 😛

    As for the 4000 miles, Vix seems a lot more convenient. But I do like Ms. D D’s large, dark areolas and full boobs (I love the way they grow together at her cleavage, and way up under her armpits), coupled to a very Venusian body.. So, where did you say she lives?? Heh..

  2. Nice. Devyn is certainly one of my favs. She’s got that look that says “I like it rough.” She could easily be a WWE Wrestling Diva if she wanted – I’d love to see her get in the ring and go a few rounds with Trish Stratus – if you know what I mean. Heh heh.

    But is she big enough for BBW or is she more myboobsite material? The lines seem to be blurring…

  3. Devyn is one of the most hot woman and she sure knows how to do something, with a partner or without. I would like to se more pictures and videos of Devyn.

  4. Ya man i think she’s real hot. She’s short, but stacked.It looks nice on that peitite frame.that sexy face.Besides that i hear she’s real intelligent

  5. Devyn Devine is the pornstar who most reminds me of my wife — short, hourglass with a tad apple tendency in her figure (common among busty, short women), 38DD, has a massive, oral fixation and loves to involve her breasts in any and all oral delivery. Until my wife lets me start making videos, when I’m on-the-road (yes, I’m stupid for leaving her for work), a little Devyn drops me back into the last time I was with my wife.

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