The Allure of Eliza

Eliza Allure turned 24 in December, 2013.

The Arizona born, redheaded, BBW babe has a hefty and girthy body weighing 205lbs (14st 9lbs / 92.9kg), and measuring 40DD-43-57.

That fabulously fatty, flaccidly folding flesh on Eliza’s big soft belly is quite something. You can see why the rent-a-cock in this video and photographs has his arms stretchd around Eliza. Sinking into her saggy, sexy, substantial stomach sebaceousness, it must have been quite the sweet struggle to free his limbs from being enveloped in that terrific tummy.

That being said, I expect it wasn’t that much of a bind, .

There’s a great PoV blow job in this movie, with pretty plumper Eliza making cute as a cupcake eye-contact. It’s enough to melt your heart as much as it will stiffen your ardour.

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