Soapy Hot Tub Sex with Plumper Peaches

This past weekend, the wife & I travelled to London to visit a swingers’ club wherein a friend was hosting her birthday party. Upon arrival, we immediately stripped naked and set out to explore the facilities. When we reached the pair of huge hot tubs wherein a number of mates were already marinating, we plopped ourselves in to likewise simmer in the warm bubbly goodness. Between the good conversation and watching all the big boobs bouncing & bobbing buoyantly at the surface, we totally lost track of time.

By the time we got out, we were both totally worn out and obviously suffering from heat exhaustion. It’s just a good thing we didn’t have a fuck whilst we were in there, as that would’ve done us in completely! Instead, we retired to one of the club’s many “rest rooms” and collapsed on the big comfy bed therein (oh, and we finally did end up having sex whilst in there after we’d recovered a bit – with the door open to encourage voyeurism, of course – before rejoining our friends at the bar).

The manifold dangers of hot tub sex once again crossed my mind when I saw the latest video from Peaches & Dwise at Hot Sexy Plumpers. It starts out with plumper Peaches already in the tub, fondling her big, floppy breasts and extending an invitation to come play. She’s soon joined by Dwise, who gets Peaches up on her hands and knees and slips his big black cock in from behind for some rather sloshy doggy-style fucking.

Don’t these two know the perils they’re facing?! Forget even the potential of passing out from heat exhaustion for a moment, if Dwise happens to cum while they’re in there, the possibility of hot, soapy water entering his urethra post-orgasm could really burn! :~o Quite sensibly, the couple retire to the bed before things get out of hand and enjoy a nice, comfortable fuck on dry land. Here’s Peaches & Dwise having a combination of wet & dry interracial plumper sex at

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  1. Peaches is as sexy as fuck. Massive tits which I could suck on all day. I just want to see her get a great rimjob one of these days.

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