Sex with Serena Bliss at last!

From the very first time I blogged Serena Bliss, I was “udderly” besotted. The adorable face, pleasingly-plump body and massive breasts all rolled into one had this breast-obsessed chubby-chaser from the word go, placing her on a pedestal along with voluptuous favourites Xtasy & Seana Rae.

Trouble was, whereas I got to see my two other favourites fucking in their videos, the lovely Ms. Bliss merely masturbated for the camera. I wanted more. Considering her apparently horny disposition, I wanted to see what Serena would do when faced with a cock (preferably mine, of course, but what’cha gonna do?). Well, my dreams came true when I encountered the following new video gallery at BBW Dreams!

She starts out solo in this movie, much like the last, squeezing and fondling her big tits before settling back for a slow wank with a vibrator to get her juices flowing. Enter the penis (sounds like a Bruce Lee film, doesn’t it?) in the last two video clips, providing a focal point for a rapid-fire titfuck followed by a head-bobbing blowjob. Indeed, a glorious first entry for Ms. Bliss into the wet & messy underworld of hardcore porn.

However, I wanted to see what happens next. I wanted to see those beautiful big boobs bouncing wildly when Serena took her man like a cowgirl riding bareback, or, better yet, her tits slapping together in rhythm to the pussy pounding if he mounted her doggy-style. In short, although the titfuck and the blowjob were immensely satisfying, I wanted to see Serena Bliss fuck.

Does she go farther? Who can say?? I guess it’s time to renew my membership over at BBWDreams to find out…

Serena Bliss from Serena Bliss from
Serena Bliss from Serena Bliss from
Serena Bliss from Serena Bliss from



3 thoughts on “Sex with Serena Bliss at last!”

  1. Yes um when will you do an video having sex with someone? yes do include Tits jobs yes like that up the screenshot and facial face tits jobs the last time the camera over your head was on the way around 37.51 minutes all tho I think it was an good angle but the some body else shouldn’t had hold the camera.


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