4 thoughts on “Sapphire Interracial Videos on MyBoobSite”

  1. If you watch this scene, your cock will grow 3-5 inches…………………..and stay that way forever!

  2. i think sapphire is beautiful in every way when i watched her scene in “Heavy Hitters” i nearly went insane at how hot and sexy she was!an utter dream!but im not feeling her on these pics she just doesnt look as hot whether before or after said scene i dont know! plus fucking that booker T lookalike(she surely couldnt have been paid enuf to fuck that ugly fucker!when there are genuinely good looking guys with big dicks who would love to feel every curve on this goddess(including myself) sapphire if u EVER read this dont put on weight to make ur tits bigger i know theres a lot of girls with bigger tits than you out there,but it was the glint in your eye not just the size of your tits that made you truly beautiful! xxxxx

  3. Sorry JUGGSINMYPOCKET, while I do agree SAPPHIRE does have a certain somethin somethin, Her BOOBS can take on ALL challengers. This dude may not strike you as handsome but he sure as hell came packin serious trouser snake and apparently alot of fans out there were clamoring for her to strap on some interracial meat. I myself was blown away by her in this dvd but I’m on the bus with every little thing she does.

  4. Alot of girls with bigger tits then SAPH ????….JEEEEEESUS CHEEEEEERIST,what fuckin solar system did this guy travel from SAPH? You don’t take a back seat to NOBODY and I been around this whole world a time or two DAMN IT!

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