Samantha gets a second pair of G-cup boobs!

There’s only one thing that could be better than a busty blonde big beautiful woman, and that’s TWO big boobed blonde BBWs! It’s obvious that our 38G Samantha Anderson feels the same as I do, too, as she’s found a lovely new playmate who shares her cup size!! In fact, she even gets a bit flustered during the filming, mixing up her words: “It is gettin’ hot in here…are you huys got?” Heh. Yes, Sam, we huys are hetting got – and a little gorny, too! ;~P

[Pay no attention to me, Sam. I only poke fun at you because I love you. Btw, thanks sooo much for the lovely photo you took for me over the weekend!]

All kidding aside, it’s a great video: It starts out with the girls trying on various bras that are obviously too small for their massive G-cup boobs before the two end up going tit-to-tit. I just love the sight two voluptuous women playing on top of each other. It always seems to make me rather hungry for a delicious “plumper sandwich”…with me as the meat, of course! ;~) I just wonder where I’d fit in, with all of that bountiful tit-flesh pressed so firmly between them.

Mmmm, I seem to be heading off into dreamland now, so enjoy these clips whilst I head over to Ms. Anderson’s “Sexy Samantha 38G” site to watch the full movie…

Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend
Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend
Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend

…but, oh no, it doesn’t stop with the boob play! I guess most girls crave a bit of cock, especially after a horny video shoot (my wife, Vix, included). So, after the two are done fondling and suckling each other’s breasts, Samantha takes the camera whilst her partner enjoys an incredible deep cleavage titfuck. We even get to see Sam lovingly slide a condom over her partner’s cock, preparing him for a glorious big boobs blowjob / handjob from her voluptuous new mate:

Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend Sexy Samantha 38G and G-cup Friend


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13 thoughts on “Samantha gets a second pair of G-cup boobs!”

  1. I second Chris, question: who is that blonde plumper? It seems odd that the name of the possessor of G cups would go unnoticed.

  2. Chris & VF~

    All I can seem to find out about her at the moment is that her name is Rhiannon and she’s a friend of Sam’s. I did ask if we might be seeing a little more of her in the future, however, and the answer was “yes”!

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. Well, Rhiannon is a start. Looks like she’s got several dozen kilos over Sam (who I consider more or less a plumper), so she’ into the real BBW class. I hope to see more of real BBWs in Reese’s blog, and even some SSBBWs. Please? Pretty please? With, huge hooters, too! Waiting hopefully…

  4. I found her!!! The girl that is in the video with Samantha goes by the name of Las Vegas Pinup Girl but she is on that mypace site under lasvegasbustypinupgirl. She responds to your email and everything. And she is a real 44G. So that is where to find her or at least more of her.

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