Samantha 38G & Skye Sinn

What’s better than having one big, busty, blonde babe in your hotel room?
Having two, of course!

And those two couldn’t be a finer pair than Samantha 38G and Skye Sinn, recently featured in this amazing set, on a hotel bed.

Samantha, at 5’5″ tall and measuring in at 46-34-48 has Skye and her almost matching measurements of 44-34-38, towering over her, at her almost Amazonian 5’9″. Well, I say towering over her… perhaps we might see that, if you could get them to untangle themselves from each other and get out of bed.

Of course, we don’t want them to get out of bed, we don’t want that at all.
We’d miss all of this girl-on-girl action. And those fingers, tongues and dildos need to be seen at work on those tits and pussies and all that warm, plump flesh.
Thank heavens for, is all I can say!

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2 thoughts on “Samantha 38G & Skye Sinn”

  1. Sure she enjoys the attention MAX,but she just released a scene teaming up with “My Gal” SAPPHIRE,and my man,there is just NO CONTEST,in my eyes.Sapphire just plain STEALS the show.To think Saph could ever contemplate carving up those BEAUTIFUL boobs of hers at one time.Thank God she came to her senses,cause all due respect to the ever popular Samantha,SAPPHIRE is/has been the BEST in BBW porn for this very enthusiastic fan.Yes there are bigger ie Lexxxi Luxe,but the total package? SAPPHIRE blows em all away.

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