Samantha 38G fuck video, by special request…

I’d recently received an e-mail from a French fan of MyBBWSite called “Astro” (obviously a fictitious name) thanking me for a great site and for the work I am doing (you’re most welcome) followed by a special request: “I’m a big fan of Samantha 38G, and I saw she made a new movie with a man…do you think it would be possible to have a trailer from her site?”

So I went to Sam’s site and indeed he was right; she’d just released a new movie with her friend Jordan. In it, Sam demonstrates her oral acuity with an exquisite 10-minute blowjob (man, that woman can suck cock – deep-throat, too!). However, my favourite bit was watching her huge G-cup boobs thrusting forward as she frantically grinds her pussy onto him.

Oh, I do so love the woman-on-top thing…but I digress. Anyway, since there wasn’t a trailer available, I just downloaded the full movie and made some clips of my favourite bits. So, Astro (if that is your real name), hope you enjoy the following snippets of sexy Samantha Anderson sucking and fucking well-endowed penis pal Jordan from Plumper Pass:

Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass
Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass
Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass Samantha Anderson 38G & Jordan at PlumperPass


(Samantha 38G Live on Cam)

24 thoughts on “Samantha 38G fuck video, by special request…”

  1. See, I like Samantha at this size. Why is she trying to lose weight? I love her like this – at 200+ lbs.

  2. Thank you Reese, thank you so much! Great clips. Samantha is one of my favorites. And it’s quite obvious she LOVES a big cock! 😉

    I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard Sam has done lots of interracial stuff, too. Do you happen to know anything ’bout that?

  3. Yes I totally agree with you, Samantha is beautiful when she has the weight on. When she lost weight before, she didn’t look as good (Sorry Sam xxx). Some people are suited with weight and others are not, she is the best BBW on the whole internet. I would love a night with her.

  4. I’d say Sam is not really a BBW, but more of a plumper; her heavier partner Christine is more of a BBW. Whatever weight Sam is, she has those fabulously well-proportioned boobs, areolas and nipples, and I think the tan appeals to guys as well. Like Marcus says, she’s the best, and I’d love to spend some time wih her and her boobs, and give her boobs some of my high protein lotion!

  5. She is gorgeous. The new haircut is fabulous. And yes, the pounds look great. In the video, she looks also very sexy in this gown.

  6. I agree she is one of the greats of all time, but I would be afraid to kiss her! Did you see where her mouth has been? Talk about an active gal.

  7. И сине шта би јој радио. Ћу јој бе ма. Јебемити Сунце у пичку! Ништаци једни! Нећеју се жену, не да раду, само седу, пију и пушу! Курац!

  8. always been a fan of sam. she looks maverlous at the size she is here….kinda reminds of back before my wife lost the baby weight 🙁

  9. Oh man, Samantha has the biggest real tits iv’e ever seen. I mean the man is so lucky too. I just LOVE Sam’s sexy sex vids. Why couldnt I be that guy?!

  10. actually dude id fuck the shit out of her. samantha could ride my cock for hours, and shed probably stroke me til i burst. omg i would fuck her so fucking hard fuck

  11. First saw Sam like 5 years ago on bignaturals. Fell in total love. Playful, actually enjoyed giving head, and of course, those Titanic tits. As someone said above, she’s not really a BBW, which I’d consider to be like 250-300 pounder. She’s plump, and guys today don’t mind the trade-off (to Christo above). Few extra lbs. for two spilling handfulls of super-juggs.

  12. Christo, how did you get here?? we are talking Big Beautiful Women (BBW) here, you are in the wrong place….

    Dont knock it until you have tried it……

  13. I’m proud that she has the personal courage to accomplish such a tough and tedious task and she is still sexy as hell. Many of nights here in the desert She has kept me warm and my mind loose. lol. WOW I really have nothing to do If I’m going to write in a blog insted of my book. D-D-D——–DEE-DEE DEE PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!

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