Pregnant Maxi 32JJ (4 months on)…

I’d first blogged the newly pregnant Maxi over on MyBoobSite, with photos taken when she’d first begun “showing”. Well, she’s four months on now in her pregnancy and I’m pleased to report still as sexy as ever! Maxi’s got a little bit more of a plump belly and her permanently erect nipples on those JJ-cup boobs look as succulent as ever (what a lucky sod her newborn baby’s gonna be!). We’ve only got five months to go before her tits begin lactating, and I can’t wait to see Maxi’s massive milkers in action! And, since I’d promised to keep tabs on her progression to motherhood, here are a few the latest photos from her Plumper Pass website:



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(note: sample photos are 1/4 the resolution of those available on the site)



15 thoughts on “Pregnant Maxi 32JJ (4 months on)…”

  1. I just had to find out more about Alicia at so I signed up. Well, Hell, no wonder Alicia’s fuggin’ 36JJ udders are so ‘Holy-Shit’ big! Them mams are fully engorged with MILK! She’s wetting down the front of her blouse with them! So we here and now have with Alicia what we’ll have with Maxi in several months. To paraphrase Reese, “What a lucky sod her newborn baby’s is!”

    Also, on, they have pics and vids of Joana, whose pics have been on a number of other sites, being one that comes to mind. And they say coming in March, our favorite ‘stick with tits’ who we love to pick on, Merilyn, will have her pics on this site.

    So when it comes to udders, Alicia has Maxi beat, IMHO. Her areolas must be three times as large as Maxi’s. And they both have JJ cup sized Boobzilla Monsters! The only other mama who I can think of with lactating boobs this big is Yolanda, AKA “Twin Volcanoes”. I love to watch her squeeze rivulets of white lava out of those erupting volcanoes! You can see a pic of her here.
    Here’s what BEarchive bloggers have to say about her. I also think she’s #1.

  2. Those beautiful huge juggs resting on her thighs gave me an instant hard on! It’s like a work of art! Those are my kind of tits! Keep ‘up’ the good work and give us more of massive juggs on both sites!

  3. I saw Maxi advertised as 34HH on TH or THA today, so her apparent boost in cup size has been caused by her pregnancy. Also, the amount of breast expansion during pregnancy is determined by the amount of glandular tissue to begin with, and the amount of glandular tissue growth. So at one extreme we have Isabelle Lanthier, who was a B cup before PG, and grew to 52”, and her breasts weighed three times the weight of her 5 pound baby! They grew so big she had to have them surgically reduced.

    Then there’s the other more normal cases. Women who have small to moderate sized breasts that grow very little when they get PG, because their breasts had little fatty tissue and mostly glandular tissue to begin with, and what’s already there is capable of producing plenty of milk.

    In Maxi’s case, it’s possible that her breasts have a lot of fat and not a lot of glandular tissue, but what’s there is capable or producing plenty milk, so the growth will be minimal. But I’m not hoping that happens! I’m hoping her milk-engorged tits grow even bigger than Milena Velba’s – maybe even as big as Juanita’s, and she can squirt prodigious quantities of milk like a shower head on full-blast! And my mouth is wide open, right under it! Hey, we can all fantasize.. 😉

  4. Can’t believe she’s going to get even bigger in the following months!. Those tits are a hypnotizing thing, i see her and i’m drooling instantly, thank God for such beautiful women, unattainable but beautiful.

    Thanks VF for clearing up the “breast-PG” equation, one thing less to wonder ¬¬
    Reese: you said her baby will be a lucky sod, yeah but there is also the VERY lucky sod who got her pregnant, don’t you think?

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  6. Udderly mouth watering prego knockers & i adore those constantly big, stiff tweakers of Maxi,..she’s amazing!!!

  7. Pregnant women shouldn’t hide thier bellies behind flowery maternity crap, they should didplay them proudly like Maxi here!

    Oh and if anyone’s wondering if I’m also Tranny Lvr X from, I am.


    I would love too get her PREGNANT AGAIN IF SHE WANTS TOO


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