Plumper hen night?

Treating a soon-to-be-married couple to a night of premarital bliss is a long-standing tradition, typically divided into a hen night for the girls and a stag party for the guys. When Vix & I got married a little over a year ago, we decided it would be most practical to combine the two into one. We invited a handful of close mates from around the UK to ours and had a major piss-up at the local pub (which is, conveniently, about 100 yards from our house) before heading home to continue the festivities.

Upon our return, things got a bit more relaxed as everyone settled in for a long night of merry-making…that is, until two of the girls (my future wife included) started to get frisky. From that point, the whole party just seemed to degenerate into an orgy of groping, sucking & fucking. Everyone seemed to have a rather good time, though, so we decided to carry on, cleaning ourselves up just in time for the wedding & reception, then heading back to the house that evening to pick up where we’d left off for the wedding night.

Sorry to belabour you with my nuptial stories, but I was reminded of this whilst perving through the most recent photo series on Sweet Devilz Candy (and the fact that she reminds me vaguely of Vix merely served to intensify the connection). The new photos struck me as the classic hen party, with all the girls sat around on the sofa playing innocent party games like “deep-throat the dildo”. However, it’s not long before the whole thing kicks off into a full-blown lesbian orgy, with mutual masturbation, cunnilingus and dildo fucking all around. Call me naíve, but I really should’ve suspected something was up when I saw the lurid come-hither look that Candy was giving her mate in the 3rd photo below.

Isn’t that always the way with women? You get a group of them together for a nice, reserved gathering and it’s only a matter of time before they transform things into an all-out sex fiesta! *sigh* Permit me to demonstrate this curious phenomenon with the following photos from

Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from
Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from
Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from
Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from Devilz Candy from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 the resolution of those available on the site)


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