Plumper Heady Betty Swallows a Huge Load of Cum

Plumper Heady Betty is a vivacious brunette, and she loves blowjobs and swallowing huge loads of cum! This gritty, salacious scene from BBWLand will help you indulge in your deepest desires to enjoy plump babes like Betty. Moreover, this site features girls hungry for cock and cum. Miss Betty here fits the bill! If you haven’t figured out by her namesake, this plump brunette really loves cum and loves dick right down her throat. The folks over at BBW Land make it so fine fat chicks like these can show off their skills on huge cocks!

We begin the scene with this brunette plumper on her knees. She’s got a devilish grin, slutty makeup, and chest tattoos that stretch from shoulder-to-shoulder. She is unintimidated of the cock in front of her, happy to begin immediately by slobbering all over that huge cock. Heady Betty looks up at him like the good girl she is, ensuring he enjoys every stroke from her lips.

Plumper Heady Betty Swallows a Huge Load of Cum

Brunette Plumper Gives Head

Heady Betty makes sure to cup the balls while she works the shaft, moaning as she works. She begins letting out long strings of spit, lubing up his cock. She voraciously sucks harder and harder, telling him exactly how good he tastes. Watching her expertly work his cock is a delight, and she makes sure to handle every inch down to the bottom of his balls.

As Heady Betty works hard to maintain her namesake, you can her her moan with each deep throat. She drops her head down to work the balls in between, continuing to tease him while she works her magic. Betty makes sure to make eye contact along the way, smiling knowing she’s performing like a fellatio goddess! Watching that head bob and her lipstick wear off just gets hotter and hotter while Betty puts in more into this lengthy blowjob.

Plumper Heady Betty Swallows a Huge Load of Cum

Heady Betty Brunette BBW MILF Takes a Cumshot

We routinely get more and more impressed by how this plumper blows! Heady Betty works hard and harder, getting her big tits on the action too. In between sucking cock, she handles him every way she can, giving her jaw a break with a titty fuck. She gets more and more voracious, doling out extra wet pleasure as she spits all over his cock. This slutty plumper offers up a variety with just her mouth alone, but she’s really putting work into this blowjob.

Heady Betty is such a hard worker, and she won’t stop until the job is done. She’s moved into a variety of positions, never shifting her focus from providing the blowjob she’s intending. Luscious brunette plumpers like her really know how to devour a cock, and she works him hard until the very end. When he’s finally ready to bust, Betty takes it with great delight, savoring every bit of hot spunk. Her legendary lips devour cum after a long, hard time at work.

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