Non-blonde (yet still sexy) Samantha 38G…

[Note: Before launching into today’s entry, I just wanted to mention that I’ll be taking a brief blog break over this coming week, but will be back by next weekend with more plumpers and big beautiful women!]

When I encountered the tiny thumbnail leading to the following photo gallery on the Sexy Samantha 38G site, I wasn’t quite sure who the model was. At first I thought it might be Eden (no, not that Eden), who also appears in some of the photos & videos on Sam’s site, albeit with significantly smaller boobs. But, no, this unidentified brunette was definitely a G-cup.

So I clicked on the link and, when suddenly faced with the full collection of photos, I immediately identified the mystery model as Samantha Anderson herself! But she’d obviously had some sort of horrible accident with hair dye, transforming her lovely blonde locks to brunette, thus losing her preferred BBBBW status. You’ve got to admit she’s still sexy, though…



Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G
Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G
Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G


…they say that change is good, but, truth be told, I much prefer a blonde Samantha. Thus, I was quite relieved to find that the brunette phase was short lived and Sam returned to being one of the sexiest Busty Blonde Big Beautiful Women about (as demonstrated in the following video clips from




Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G
Sexy Samantha Anderson Sexy Samantha Anderson
Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G



(See Samantha 38G Live on Cam)


23 thoughts on “Non-blonde (yet still sexy) Samantha 38G…”

  1. Reese, how did you not recognize that this is Samantha? You actually used the 8th image in the set as the masthead for your site!

  2. bibby~

    That’s exactly why I used it! I was just curious if anyone else would be as kerfuddled as myself on first glance. Then again, in the larger format, it’s much more obvious that it’s Sam. It was when I first became a member of her new site, about a month ago, that it took me rather by surprise…

    ~Reese! :~)

    P.S. …also, I figured folks might like to see the full image that I used to create MyBBWSite’s banner.

  3. Well, she still looks like a blonde to me, even if her hair isn’t as blonds as it usually is. I’ve heard the term ‘mousy blonde’ used for this color.

    However, as dark as SAm’s tan is, along with the green eyes, I’d guess that this mousy blonde might be more her natural color than the lighter shade. Like they say, “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.”

    But why the hell are we talking about hair, instead of boobs? One would think that one would almose instantly recognize those magnificent mammaries as soon as one’s eyes set upon them, and thuse identify the totally headless body. I think I used to be able to do that with Chloe, and some others. I think Penny Pontoons was another instantly recognizable, and Roberta Pedon, too. And for some reason, the same was true for the Playboy Plamates, probably because men were so overexposed to them in every location. But nowadays I see much less of Hef’s honeys, probably because they don’t have as many big-boobed models (or is it because they have powerful lawyers who threaten to sue your ass if you put one of their pics on your website?)..

    Anyway, you could probably recognize an audio recording of Sam if you heard her Southern drawl. Just like if you heard an audio recording of Hungarian Wonder Tracy: “Hi, I’m Vander Tracy. See my beeg boops? Yoo like by beeg boops?..” Heh.

    But back to the boobs. I watched some of Anya/Merilyn’s new videos from That skinny little thing sure has a nice, big set of ta-tas. It’s so tantalizing how they grew together in the cleavage, so that she has a good inch or more of tit flesh covering her breastbone. She sticks a dildo in there and rubs it around, and it’s like it has its own well-padded cushion (thoughts racing through my head of what it’d be like if my dick was in there).. This, along with the growth of the breast well up under the armpits, is a true sign of a great set of gazongas to a big breast connoiseur. Another even more extreme case of this is Karola of (and AKA Karo Diva on Her incredibly huge (a lot bigger than Monique’s P cups!) boobs have grown together so much that when she uses those monster mams for ear warmers, the valley of her cleavage moves up to touch her chin! Well, I have to admit that she does have a bit of a double chin… 🙂

    In contrast, we have those skanky looking silicone sisters with the huge implants that pull the tit flesh away from her rib cage, leaving cleavage with her ribs showing. Yuck!

    Anyway, back to downloading more Anya/Merilyn flicks.. Does anyone know if this stuff is old or new? Someone should ask the webmaster if it’s really worth it to have her on when he has to compete with Merilyn’s own popular website with the big-time Score group. Seems to me like it’s not really worth it.

  4. I’m gonna have to say that Samantha with the ‘flirty’ blonde hair does it for me. Not sure I’m liking the brunette look so much – but those pics are pretty damn amazing – she is one hot package.


  6. Reese, doesn’t it look like she lost weight? that’s too bad! I think a couple years ago Samantha was bigger, but that might just be me. Anyway, she’s still hot as hell…

  7. sam u have the most sweetest sexiest natural breats i have ever seen in my life take good care of them and a kissss for me to them my love bye

  8. He diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle. My wad shot over the moon!!!! Sam, I love you anyway but you have never looked more radiant. Absolutely the best pix I have ever seen of you and I like them all anyway. The longer brunette with highlights thang WORKS!!! Do you ever come to the dallas/Ft. Worth area? You’ve gotta date if you do. I’m 37 6’3″ 205lb with brown wavy hair and a gotee. I look like a tall meatier version of Johnny Depp basically. I’m all for you. Ask Reese for my Email, seriously.

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