No Pain No Gain

The gloriously gargantuain Lexxxi Luxe never fails to please, especially when shes involved in some heavy hardcore action.

She is the perfect plumper measuring up at 62-40-48, and wearing a P-cup bra. Yes, P-cup. 😮 and all natural, too.

With a very jiggly, comfortable, squishy belly and a big fat ass, and a pretty face, Lexxxi certainly has it all.

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6 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain”

  1. “Pretty”? Merely “pretty”? Lexxi is effin’ BEAUTIFUL. She reminds me of this little novice nun who taught kindergarten back when I was in eight grade. The nun looked a LOT like Lexxi (check out one of her early appearances dressed in a nun costume) and you could tell even in her voluminous habit that her tits were probably P cups too! And Lexxi is an excellent pornstress, too! Just watch her in the video that accompanies this post and the hot look she gives the stud while he’s inside of her! What a WOMAN!

  2. If she is so pretty, why doesn’t she smile? She has never shown her teeth in a photo as far I can see her on this blog. A great smile is worth a thousand words and she doesn’t have it.

  3. I wouldn’t want to date her, but this slut would be great fun to pass around at a party. Too bad she has never done a dyke out scene. I’d love to see this chick licking pussy in real lesbo sex. Who cares that she had bad teeth as long as she keeps sucking cock. As far as another pregnancy goes, as long as it isn’t my kid, why would I care.

  4. The dude looks like he just got out of prison or a skin head.

    How come the guys who do porn can’t quite get hard? Looks like they are pushing rope. I’m thinking that once sex becomes a job, that the enjoyment is gone. The girls always sound like they are faking it. Is there any real passion in porn? How come there isn’t any plot, just fucking. The vintage porn is way more interesting (except for the bad acting).

    I do find it amusing that the models say that they are not escorts, but at the same time they are paid to fuck. What is the difference between them and an Amsterdam whore other than the size of the pay check?

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