MyBBWSite Fixed! :~D

*relieved sigh* Hey guys & gals, just popping in to say MyBoobSite & MyBBWSite have been disinfected. Some sad and malicious bastard had hacked into our server and injected a Trojan VBS:Agent-DZ into our headers. Our sincerest apologies to anyone who was adversely affected by this, and special thanks to those of you who alerted us to it’s viral presence and provided further details (because we write our blogs on Macs, we were totally unaware of its presence until your kind reports started streaming in). No thanks, however, to those few who sent abusive e-mails and posted cruel comments claiming I was the one who wrote the viral code and deliberately infected their machines. While I understand how upsetting it is to lose data and am oh so sorry and upset as hell that this happened, it doesn’t help being made to feel like shit moreso than we already are when we’re working like mad to resolve the issue. Finally, our greatest of gratitudes goes out to the good folks at Plumper Pass who finally provided the fix. In honour of them, here’s a taste of big tits to cum which I’ll be posting just as soon as our internal clean-up of this whole malicious mess is complete:

Big Tits to Cum from Plumper Pass



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