More big lovin’ from Sweet Devilz Candy…

Sweet Devilz Candy certainly has been making her rounds as of late. I first saw this lovely, buxom blonde on her own site. Then, later, I found her appearing on her own site as well. Now, it seems, she’s spreading her charms (*cough* and her legs *cough*) over at Big Lovin!

From the time I first encountered Devilz Candy, I’ve had a soft spot for her (erm, on second thought, better make that “hard”). Perhaps it was her vague resemblance to my wife which caused the attraction. Whatever the case, I’ve been stalking her across the ‘net ever since. In Candy’s latest video, she finds a new fuck friend who shares her fondness for both oral and anal sex after a lengthy solo session with her fingers and vibrator.

Oh, and I’ve finally realised where the “sweet” in Sweet Devilz Candy comes from! Just check out how she sucks him clean after he cums in her mouth, of her face and down her cleavage. Now, isn’t that sweet? Except when you realise that his cock was plowing the Hershey highway just moments before he came! Oh, wait, he was wearing a condom for that… :~P

…anyway, her are a few clips of Candy’s new video at Plumper Pass:

Devilz Candy Devilz Candy
Devilz Candy Devilz Candy
Devilz Candy Devilz Candy


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1 thought on “More big lovin’ from Sweet Devilz Candy…”

  1. Aah, to drink the nectar from sweet Devil’s Candy! I could lie around all day with those delicious breasts caressing me all over!!Yummy

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