Mercy 44FF

I first encountered the buxom 44FF Mercy in Plumpers & Big Women magazine six years ago. Then, a month later, she appeared in another of my favourite magazines; Juggs. Since then, she’s been featured in spreads for Score & Big Butt, and even made a television appearance on a UK program called (which, for those of us in the UK, will be broadcast again tonight at 11PM on Five)! All in all, she’s proven quite the popular plumper, and mature Mercy’s late-in-life discovery of her exhibitionist tendencies (she’s 52!) has been a boon to BBW and big breast lovers everywhere.

Thus, it’s only natural that Mercy should appear on Plumper Pass, a wonderful website devoted to big boobs on women of all shapes and sizes in hardcore action. And, when it comes to sex, Mercy’s a master, using her huge, floppy tits to expertly milk every ounce of cum from her partner’s cock…but that’s not before getting up to all other manner of sexual antics, including a hard-sucking deep-throat blowjob and glorious boobs-dangling doggy-style fucking (a personal favourite, except for the fact that you miss out entirely on the amazing frontal view when you’re pumping pussy from behind).

But I should let the videos speak for themselves, really, so here are a few clips from Mercy’s latest video at Plumper Pass:

Mercy 44FF at Mercy 44FF at
Mercy 44FF at Mercy 44FF at
Mercy 44FF at Mercy 44FF at

(note: video downloadable from the site is 640×480 resolution)


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6 thoughts on “Mercy 44FF”

  1. great post! i’ve loved mercy for a while, i actually met her once and had to pretend like i didn’t know who she was but that’s a long story. anyway, she has fantastic tits and i’m glad you’re blogging her.

  2. Nice model. 52yrs. old? hmmm. In the near future you would have to think if the fact that given a choice, will she draw her social security or continue with porn? A delema. I never contemplatd senior bbw porn before. This is a new catagory now in the industry. Seems to be catching on.

  3. Great tits, whatever her age. She’s a Juggmaster regular. There are some fantatic tits on that site. Particularly Stephanie. . . . . See what you can do for us.

  4. Yea Juggmaster is not talked about enough on here! That site kicks ass. I think for sheer size its tough to top. It really has the biggest of the big. Mercy used to be on a site called and they did all sorts of fun stuff together as a group. The models would party together. I once saw Mercy at just that type of party. I DIDN’T have to pretend I didn’t know her. She walked though the front door same time as me. We stopped to present our ticket and I turned to the size just gawking at the SHELF of boobmeat her outfit presented. It was dreamlike. Lots of Topheavy models waited inside. It was fun to meet some of those chesty stars. Anyone remember Athena? Wowsa…

  5. Yea, Mercy is one hot sexy big breasted natural. I have had the pleasure of meeting her about 6 times and I must say, she has the most awesome set of tits ever. Plus she is intelligent, fun to talk to, very pretty and she has my vote for one of the hottest chicks I have ever met. I wish she lived on the East Coast.

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