Melissa Derritt & Kerry Marie Lesbian Video Test

Busty BBW lovers who also get on My Boob Site from time to time will be well aware we’ve had embedded videos over there for a while now and, since I’d linked over to one in my last blowjob blog here, I figured I’d best finally get that feature functional on the BBW side of life as well. And what better way to start than with a busty lesbian shoot starring Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt?..

Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt at

…after all, it seems like an eternity since we’ve had any sexy lesbian porn on my big tits BBW blog, so it’s long overdue. Of this superbly sensual series…

PlumperPass writes:

Kerry Marie and Melissa Derritt share a flat in England and are the best of friends. These two young plumper babes are there for one another. So when one had a nitemare of being skinny and boney, the other was there to comfort by way of BBW worshipping. They rubbed their chubby bellies and natural big tits on each other and began to kiss. That led to some great pussy playing action as they fingered themselves ’til they came. Hot!

…kinda sweet, innit? To be honest, I’d been a bit worried about Kerry Marie for a while now (with only doing solo shoots and such), so it’s good to see she’s finally found herself a nice, big bosom buddy in the fine female form of 34GG busty British girlfriend Melissa Derritt! And so, going girl-on-girl and tit-to-tit in all manner of mutual masturbation behaviours (in fact, I’d swear Mel’s getting ready to tit-fuck her twat in that 5th photo below, us having seen the whole tit-to-clit thing transpire between two girls before), here are stunningly beautiful busty English plumper pair Melissa Derritt & Kerry Marie in lesbian photos and a preview video from

Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian photos from Plumper Pass

Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from    Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from    Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from

Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from    Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from    Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian plumper photos from

Kerry Marie & Melissa Derritt busty lesbian video from Plumper Pass

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(click here to download – full HD video from PlumperPass is 1280×720 resolution)

…and, lest you think I’ve forgotten our regular updates, here’s mega-busty Meow 34JJ, Julia Sands, Naomi Brooks, Peaches Larue, Lisa Sparxxx and sexy Samantha38g in their latest photos & videos posted at

Meow 34JJ photos & videos from PlumperPass

Meow 34JJ photos from    Meow 34JJ video from

Julia Sands photos & videos from PlumperPass

Julia Sands photos from    Julia Sands video from

Naomi Brooks photos & videos from PlumperPass

Naomi Brooks photos from    Naomi Brooks video from

Peaches Larue photos & videos from PlumperPass

Peaches Larue photos from    Peaches Larue video from

Lisa Sparxxx photos & videos from PlumperPass

Lisa Sparxxx photos from    Lisa Sparxxx video from

Samantha 38G photos & videos from PlumperPass

Samantha 38G photos from    Samantha 38G video from



6 thoughts on “Melissa Derritt & Kerry Marie Lesbian Video Test”

  1. I always got the feeling that Kerry Marie was lesbian in real life but funnily now I’m not so sure! She’s so pretty but never gives off a sexual vibe.

  2. What more can anyone say about Samantha. She`s such a good looking sexy woman that any guy would like to spend quality time with. Her videos are sexy and she does appear to genuinely enjoy.
    And those gorgeous tits.

  3. I am going to apologize for responding to seeing Kerry Marie and Mellie D. Especially since they both look fantastic in their current shapes. But I am curious to know what has happened to Sapphire. I have always looked forward to seeing her updates but I havent seen an update from her on here in a very long time. I am just hoping that she hasnt retired.

    [Reese writes: Although I’ve not done a full blog on her in a bit, I did post Sapph’s latest photos & video in another recent entry.]

  4. Yes Reese,like LJ,I been “Wishin an Hopin”SAPPH,my ALL TIME FAVORITE GAL would surface again.She is IRREPLACEABLE,in my eyes and mind.I know you’re on top of things,she seems to have kept tabs wit cha,PLEASE pass on some LOVE,tell her she’s missed,and grace us with more of her “one of a kind” pressence.MUCH LOVE …GINGER

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