Mature plumpers? No, the virtue of nature over time…

There is a special class of women that I find particularly appealing as a devout “chubby chaser”. I wouldn’t consider them to be plumpers or BBWs by the conventional definition, merely those upon which nature has worked its wonders over the course of time. I’m speaking, of course, about what the porn industry would refer to as “mature women” (and, from what I’ve seen, anyone from the transcendent side of 35 onward seems to be lumped into this unfortunate category, not unlike “MILFs”), specifically those to whom nature has brought the gift of a more soft & cuddly figure.

In contrast, if we were talking about men, this would more commonly be designated by the decidedly derogatory term “middle-aged spread”. Sadly, there are a lot of women who regard it as such as well, relentlessly fighting against the “ravages of time” in a constant contest to maintain their figure as they’d perceived themselves in their teens or early twenties. If only they knew of the the desire inspired by a more voluptuous body, perhaps they would instead embrace this wondrous natural phenomenon as an opportunity to explore a whole new side of sensuality.

It’s not likely, though, is it? The pressures of the mass media and popular perception dictate that women are expected to remain youthful and thin throughout the entirety of their lives, bombarding us with images of what they consider to be the ideal woman. This is patently unfair as, on the reverse side of the coin, we hear of men getting “more distinguished” as they advance in years. Whatever will it take to turn the tide toward women becoming comfortable with themselves and realise that their innate sexy nature and desirability are not things that have to diminish with age?

Oh well, it’s probably a pointless rant anyway and I don’t expect the issue to be addressed anytime soon. Still, it’s good to know that there are some “mature women” who accept their bodies for what they are and refuse to conceal their sensuality because they no longer fit the “stick with tits” stereotype memetically infecting the world at large. We’re also most fortunate that there are some adult websites about who recognise this as well!

Case in point, ReallyBusty. From younger girls to older women – thinner to plumper to full-blown BBW – they demonstrate a universal acceptance of the busty female form in all of its delightful variations. And, to illustrate my earlier point on the joys of an older woman’s natural transformation into the soft & cuddly world of pseudo-plumperdom as time marches on, I can think of no better example than new arrival Athena at

Busty mature MILF Athena at Busty mature MILF Athena at
Busty mature MILF Athena at Busty mature MILF Athena at
Busty mature MILF Athena at Busty mature MILF Athena at



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