Light Plumper Kitty Lee

Frankly, I’m amazed at what passes for a plumper sometimes. Perhaps it’s just a symptom of the mass media marketing of “sticks with tits” that’s responsible for this, but it seems that anyone who’s got a little bit of extra flesh on their bones and doesn’t fit in with the skinny chick standard gets automatically lumped into the plumpers & BBWs category.

Trouble is, with porn niches being the way they are, we only have these two extreme ends of the spectrum in terms of classifying body type. But what about those sexy girls who don’t have quite enough to satisfy the fat admirers but are still suitably well-endowed with the natural feminine curves & contours you’d come to expect from a “real woman”, thus excluding them from the slim-n-stacked market? The wife once proposed the creation of an entirely new intermediate category – IBWs or In-Between Women – but the task of fostering a general acceptance of this new classification within the porn industry would be a tall order indeed.

Thus, I guess we’re stuck for the time being with plumpers as a catch-all. The good thing is that I’ve found BBW lovers to be far more accepting of a wide range of body types when compared to their slim-n-stacked loving brethren (as amply evidenced when the semi-voluptuous busty blonde bombshell Ctexsins Chelle posted a few photos on VoyeurWeb a while back, only to be inundated with insults implying that she was a “fatty”). Sad but true, so I suppose it’s good that these in-between women who are kind enough to share their beautiful bodies with us have a place to go without being subject to the sort of plus-size prejudice that runs rampant amongst a few narrow-minded porn surfers looking for less.

And such would probably be the case with today’s featured model Kitty Lee as well. A relative newcomer to the Plumper Pass family of sites, I’d consider her to be a “light plumper” at best because, to me, she just looks like a positively stunning albeit regular-shaped woman (if there is indeed such a thing as having a “regular shape”). Still, I suppose that little bit of a plump belly she has going on would preclude her from appearing in your average, run-of-the-mill skinny chick porn sites. Wait, before I go on, perhaps it would be best to show you a few examples of this not-so-big beautiful woman in a small handful of her photos at

Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from
Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from
Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from
Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from Light plumper Kitty Lee from

…right, then. Whomever could object to having the sight of such a stunning woman as Kitty Lee in their midst?! I had a hard enough time just getting past those piercing blue eyes burning into my soul before I could move on down to enjoy the full extent of her curvaceous, womanly charms!

And charms our something our Kitty has in spades. Moving downward from that totally captivating face, I first encounter a most glorious pair of beautiful big breasts – slightly pendulous yet perfectly formed and firm enough to provide two generous heavy handfuls of breast-flesh for the fondling. Tearing my attention away from those fabulous tits and venturing southward, I can’t help but linger for a moment upon Kitty’s adorable tummy – not a very big belly by any stretch of the imagination, but just enough to be immensely cuddly in bed (I just wish she were totally naked so I could admire (i.e. “perve over”) in a more comprehensive fashion).

Ah, but the true crowning glory of Ms. Lee’s allure for me lies even further below her cute little belly. Yes, you guessed it, it’s those huge pussy flaps of hers that would ultimately prove my undoing. As much as I am besotted by her beguiling breasts & belly and would love nothing more than to be able to stare into those bottomless blue eyes whilst indulging in the whole of the pulchritudinous package that is her body, I fear that I would simply be overcome at the sight of such full and luscious labia lips and have to attach my own to them like a remora, sucking those massive meat-flaps into my mouth with abandon (hmmm, I wonder if it’s possible to deep-throat a pussy?!).

[I know, I know. I’d promised on my new vagina blog that I’d avoid habitually bringing this particular fetish into the picture since I now have my own special place for doing so, but witnessing the wonder of Kitty’s big pussy render the above transgression unavoidable. Sincerest apologies and I’ll try to do better in the future.]

Departing the still-life visions of lovely Kitty Lee in photographic form and ambling on to the videos, we pick right up where the pics left off in an interracial sex scene wherein our heroine avails herself to the prurient pleasures of a big black cock, sucking and fucking the mocha member of her depilated partner in porn. While it was wonderful watching her big breasts bouncing as she rode him cowgirl-style in the third video clip below, it’s the last one in which he’s fucking Kitty doggy-style that I found most fascinating, her almost prehensile pussy lips appearing to pull his penis back in to that most succulent pink tunnel with every stroke!

Oops, I did it again, didn’t I? Sorry ’bout that. Best stop pondering pussy and just get on with the videos. And so, here’s lovely light plumper Kitty Lee in these splendid fuck videos from

Light plumper Kitty Lee videos at Plumper Pass Light plumper Kitty Lee videos at Plumper Pass
Light plumper Kitty Lee videos at Plumper Pass Light plumper Kitty Lee videos at Plumper Pass



7 thoughts on “Light Plumper Kitty Lee”

  1. Quite a find, Reese. Dark hair, blue eyes, great body…

    You make me so happy…(sniffle)!

    (Collecting myself)

    Lately I’ve taken to admiring those who have been classified as ‘chubby’. That seems to encompass many of the IBW’s.

  2. I would certainly not classify Kitty Lee as a BBW in my books, not even plump. Maybe “healthy” is a better term. She is quite a find though – very nice and man does she have some nice pussy lips – wow.

  3. I don’t consider Kitty a bbw, or a plumper. She’s a little chubby. I do enjoy her very natural soccer mom look though. She’s no spring chicken. I’ve seen her around for the last few years already.

  4. I’ve seen her around…she reminds me of a desperate housewife whose husband stopped fucking her…I prefer girls with her body type…big natural tits…just thick all around…


  5. Kitty is hot and it looks like it was fun fucking her. Her body type is just right and can you post more kitty footage with some brotha’s hitting it.

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