Lexxxi Luxe First Anal Sex Scene

It’s been almost a year since pretty plumper Lexxxi Luxe first did hardcore, for Plumper Pass.

When we blogged that, we had many comments, lots of which were guessing and surmising where Lexxxi would go next.

Would it be interracial – with discussion about her big, heavy bellied, milky white skin and a big black man with his big black cock? Would it be a multiple – gangbang, spit-roasting, double or triple penetration? There was mention of creampies and that took my mind to sploshing and the likes…

Lexxxi Luxe doggy style invitation for sex at PlumperPass.com    Lexxxi Luxe first anal sex scene for PlumperPass.com

Well, here we have it… the path Lexxxi took was the back passage. Lexxxi does anal, on video. No-one seemed to see that cumming.

And, of course, there’s Lexxxi getting her asshole pounded in a photo gallery too, all from PlumperPass.com:

Lexxxi Luxe anal sex photos from PlumperPass.com



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20 thoughts on “Lexxxi Luxe First Anal Sex Scene”

  1. What a beautiful young woman. What an awesome, glorious plush body. Built for comfort, not for speed. And what a great porn artist, bubbling with enthusiasm, gusto and up for anything. Her flexibility, for a woman of her size, is amazing. Lexxxi is the embodiment of the venus figures our prehistoric ancestors carved! A woman worthy of being worshiped!

  2. That is one lucky sumbitch. He got to bang the Holy Trinity of BBWs. Lexxxi, Samantha38g(he took a drive in her Hersey Highway also) and Charlie Cooper. I wonder who did he prefer the most. Lexxxi would be my choice. WOW!

  3. It is not really surprising that Lexxxi did anal. I was more surprised that she did interracial (being a Republican according to her interview with Score).

    Question: Why does PP make a big deal out of interracial? PP actually segregate the black guys, which seems racist to me (BBWs gone black, etc). So is it OK that African American are just seen as a fetish?

    Lexxxi once posted on her Thumblr that she was looking forward to an anal scene, so no surprise here.

    She still doesn’t smile, just the smirk.

  4. That nude doggy-style is SO.FUCKING.HOT!!! WOW! Like everyone else, I’m sure, I just imagine my cock sliding into that warm, wet, tight pussy while reaching under her to cup those beautiful heavy hangers. I am so hard right now.

  5. LMAO
    Bob you do know the owner of PlumperPass is Black.
    Interracial sells. It is just marketing.


  6. Sam, I did not know that fact. Still seems like a bad message to segregate a group of people based on the color of their skin, marketing or not. It is a stereo typing. It does not support the message that we are all equal but supports the idea that interracial sex is just a fetish. Sam, glad you found my sensitivity to racism funny (I am mixed race).

  7. Porn is an exaggeration of stereo types in general.
    Interracial stuff sells well.
    Brannon is 1/2 mexican & 1/2 black, we have done many scenes together, but because he is light skinned it isn’t considered interracial by porn standards.

    In porn all females are easy & sluts aka marketing. Has nothing to do with my real life or my reality.

    Stereo types in porn is how it is sold & marketed.
    Black, purple, red, white or fucking rainbow, men are men.

    Interracial porn is most popular among black men. But the male talent has to be Dark skinned otherwise they(the guys who buy it) say it can’t be called interracial otherwise.

    It is all stupid and not worth over thinking.


  8. Sam, you are right. If marketing and money is involved, we should not speak out against racism or sexism. Women should encouraged to be just trophies and sex objects as long as it pays well. Cheers….

  9. I don’t care what color the guy she might be with is. She is incredible and seeing her with a guy is hot. Just her is great and her with someone else is great. Either her or Sam alone is the worth the price of a monthly sub.

  10. I didn’t think I’d ever see a woman as big on top as Lexxxi, then I see Monique is back and bigger than when she left! Would be insane to see them pose together!

  11. Monique is back!!! Where??? Reese, get on the case man! One of my all time favs.

    Lexxxi hot as ever. Wish it wasn’t that guy though – looks like my girl’s ex-husband.

  12. Pointless endeavor,since all it amounts to is “in the eyes of the beholder”but tho her knockers are EPIC,she just doesn’t get my fires stoked.For those who DO ,I understand the attraction.I USED to rate BIGGEST is best,but there are some ENORMOUS ladies out there,who honestly I have zero desire to follow.For this viewer SAPPHIRE,HAS,continues to be the HOTTEST woman in the BBW porn world.To each his own

  13. I agree that it is in the eye of the beholder. For me, once the model goes hard core, the fantasy is over. For hard core model, I keep thinking that sex is just a job and they wouldn’t ever have interest in a normal guy. After they do hard core I see them as “taken” or total sluts. I wouldn’t want to be in a relation ship with any of these girls and feel bad for their significant others. Just my opinion.

  14. Love the big girls doing anal.Love Sam,Lexxi,Stephanie getting their asses reamed,wish it was my dick in their asses.Would love to see sara jay,maria moore,brandy talore,and a couple others doing anal too.Brandy dean has supposedly done anal,but you have to join her site to see it?.I like surfing to see who is doing anal too.Found an old vintage porn trailer of Kitten natividad getting her ass fucked butt good.Minka also has an anal video.I can’t get enough of the bbw’s buttfucking either,surf every day to see who’s next.Sam groans when she’s got a good ass fucking going,turns me on.!!!!! I think Lexxi
    is my new favorite anal performer.I don’t care what color cock is buried in her ass as long as its BURIED IN HER ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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