Let sleeping dogs lie?

Apologies, but I just couldn’t let this one go. In my last blog about lovely BBW Taylor of Plumperpass.com, I recommended that impromptu blowjobs become acceptable as the standard custom of greeting. One reader, however, took vociferous issue with this. To wit: “I will say I disagree with Reese; we’re humans, not dogs, and dogs don’t have to live in a civilized society. They also piss on fire plugs, and any human doing so would be highly frowned upon. I could go on a rant about sexual norms, but that’s really not what this blog is about. I realize this isn’t my blog, so I’ll just suggest to Reese that he stay off his soapbox and stick with the subject of his blog, lest he lose the interest of his less open-minded readers. Sorry, Reese, but someone has to say it.”

I must admit that the “sexual norms” to which he refers have me baffled (perhaps he should rant upon them further), as these seem totally subjective since they vary not only from person to person but also from culture to culture. For example, here in Britain, we don’t take issue with seeing bare breasts in our largest circulation daily newspaper; whereas, in America, a mere slip of the nipple nearly brought down the Superbowl. That’s not to say anything negative about Americans – I am one myself – I’m just trying to illustrate the profound variance in what’s considered “normal” from one society to another. At a party my wife & I attended this past weekend, friends greeted each other with a sensual kiss and a grope rather than a handshake, showing even the sub-cultural standards to be flexible.

Now, perhaps I’m being naive, but I’d expect the visitors to MyBBWSite and its sister blog, MyBoobSite, to be somewhat sexually open-minded. We’re here to enjoy beautiful women sharing their bodies and expressing their sexuality for our pleasure. Why would someone who’s closed-minded about sex even venture a visit?! Truly, I’m at a loss. Perhaps I live in an ideal world where the expression of physical intimacy is as free as that of social, intellectual of emotional interaction; where it is the repression of our natural mammalian sensuality that is the source of our problems, not the solution. If that’s the case, then I have no business sharing my thoughts here, lest it be merely as an escape from the restrictive world in which my seemingly closed-minded correspondent lives.

I make no bones about my interest in plumpers and big, beautiful women. I love them. I want to fuck them (and do so at every given opportunity to experience the enveloping rapture that only a voluptuous woman can offer). With that in mind, I think a blowjob is a most splendid prelude to such an intensely intimate encounter, as is so aptly demonstrated by the stunning Sweet Devilz Candy in the following video from BBW Dreams (in fact, she uses a good suck to finish him off, too, right before he covers her face in cum). Candy is one of those wonderful sorts of women whom I crave; ones whose self-confidence and sexual assertiveness shine through even more brilliantly than their outward beauty…but the fact that she’s a big, busty blonde is certainly an added bonus, too!

So, for those of you open-minded enough to enjoy the profound passionate pleasures that plumpers like SweetDevilzCandy can provide, here are some clips from her video courtesy of BBWDreams.com:

Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com
Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com
Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com
Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com Sweet Devilz Candy at BBWDreams.com


7 thoughts on “Let sleeping dogs lie?”

  1. Well, I’ll talk about sexual norms a a bit, or perhaps I should say sexual abnorms. I’m not gay; if I was, I would be looking at balkls and cocks, not boobs. But I’ll pretend to be the devil’s advocate.

    Suppose I’m gay and I haven’t ‘come out of the closet’ yet, and I don’t want people knowing that I’m gay. I have to confront this issue of an “impromptu blowjobs become acceptable as the standard custom of greeting.” Since I’m gay, I’m not attracted to women, and if a woman touches me I would probably show my displeasure, so I avoid this custom. Then other people see that I don’t participate, and assume that I’m gay. Or if I do participate, then people see that I’m obviously not enjoying this custom, and again assume that I’m gay. In either case, I’ve been outed by this custom. So I lose either way!

    I’ll comment further on some legal aspects but I have to do a bit of research to find out if what I’m saying is still true.

  2. Ah, VF, I see that our respective ‘worlds’ differ once again! To me, the fact that someone is ‘in the closet’ indicates a fear of societal attitudes and the very real fear that they would encounter conflict and prejudice in such a society. I believe that everyone, regardles of orientation, should have the freedom to outwardly express their unique sexuality without fear of retribution from the narrow-minded.

    Take the party that Vix & I attended this weekend, for instance: There were a little over 100 guests representing a broad range of sexual orientations – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, transgendered, etc – all of them celebrating rather than concealing their sensuality.

    The ‘straight’ men took no issue in seeing two men kissing (although the male bar staff seemed to have a problem with it, which I feel was a bit biased since they cheered whenever two women sucked face). For the party guests, however, there was nothing unusual about this behaviour. Even if it wasn’t their particular ‘cup of tea’, an atmosphere of acceptance pervaded the proceedings.

    Everyone could be totally comfortable with who they were without the need to hide behind some facade they would have to project in less tolerant environs. Although it was purely a social event, if you fancied someone (or two), you merely had to ask if they’d like to join you in your room later on. And, of course, everyone was well aware that they simply had to say ‘no’ if they weren’t interested. No games, no pretence.

    I’m well aware that the world at large doesn’t work that way, and I’m most thankful for the openness and understanding of the community in which I dwell. Perhaps, one day, the sexual mores of the public at large will go through a sea change and we can all feel the freedom to just be ourselves. Until then, I’m most happy in my little world…

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. I’ll address some legal aspects of Reese’s recommendedation that “impromptu blowjobs become acceptable as the standard custom of greeting.”

    My dictionary defines sodomy as:

    1: copulation with a member of the same sex or an animal

    2: noncoital and esp. anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.

    In the following I’m talking about laws in the U.S., not other countries. I found the following quote at this URL: http://www.sodomylaws.org/strategies.htm

    From the above URL I quote:
    “Solicitation for Sodomy

    Quite often, arrests are not made for sodomy, but for soliciting sodomy—asking someone to perform sodomy—even in the confines of a private conversation—is itself a crime, and often a felony. Arrests for solicitation are common in Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina, among other states.

    And even in states where sodomy is legal, such as Georgia, solicitation to engage in sodomy may still be a crime for which local police and prosecutors say they will arrest people and charge people.”

    Apparently many states have laws that forbid sodomy, but go largely unenforced. From what I’ve read, many of these states are in the south, where the ‘bible belt’ religious conservatives have influenced the legislatures to not repeal those laws.

    So, Reese’s just recommending a BJ could end up with him in jail as a felon. IMHO, it’s not fair to sexually liberated straights _or_ gays, but unfortunately that’s still the reality. If Reese were to go back to his home state of Florida, it might be wise to check the Florida laws before he goes.

    So please don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t agree with these laws, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone fall victim to them. And people _do_ fall victim. I knew a guy who had daughters in high school, and met his daughter’s girlfriend. They fell in love, and eventually got married and had a baby. But because at first she was several mionths under eighteen, her parents tricked her into admitting that she was fooling around with him. He ended up in jail, got convicted of ‘illegal sexual intercourse’ (even though it was totally consensual), and was then a ‘sexual predator’ who had to report to the local authorities whenever he moved to another locality. I thought that what the laws did to him was extremely unfair, but there wasn’t much that he could do. Like they say, Shit happens. Life’s often not fair. But it shouldn’t be because of some stupid law.

  4. Don’t know, Mick. I’ve had a few people mention this, whilst others have no problem. For those who do, I’m more than happy to post their comments under their name if they’ll just e-mail them to me at the address listed toward the bottom of the right-hand column on MyBoobSite (just tell me what site and what post it’s for). :~)

  5. Thanks..maybe i’ll do that. Just keep grabbin’ anything new on the likes of ever growin’ prego Maxi, Alicia, etc..! But weird that i can obviously post at your MyBBWSite but yet encounter some glitch with your MyBoobSite..Most odd! Oh well.. Just keep up the great work!..FANTASTIC SITES!!!

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