Leah-Jayne responds…

Arriving back from my fortnight abroad (and, yes, I had a wonderful time despite the prevailing Puritanical attitude which made me feel like a right dirty fucker amidst the comparatively wholesome morality embraced by the countrymen of my homeland), I was thrilled to see a comment that had been posted on my “Leah-Jayne is a Plumper?!” blog by the beautiful busty blonde babe herself… :~D

Leah-Jayne wrote:

Hey hunnys, A massive thankyou for posting this! I don’t see myself as any of the names I’m categorised at, a BBW to me is some one of extremes, but there’s no categories inbetween? It seems to me that everyone over a size 10 is a BBW, and I dont think its fair!! Can’t we just focus on being called curvy?

If I get categorised as a BBW I’ll stop sucking cock for you on film (that’s ON FILM not stop sucking all together hehehe!!)


…and so, I, too, must extend my own massive reciprocal thank you back to Leah-Jayne for popping in to participate in what’s become a rather timely and topical discussion. You see, MyBoobSite Central is in the process of setting up a public forum wherein readers can interact more fully by sharing photos and thereby helping to promote their favourite big boobs models. Trouble is, we’ve got our categories sorted for both Slim-n-Stacked & Stacked-n-Packed models, the former referring to models with a maximum breast to body ratio and the latter encompassing plumpers & BBWs, but cannot come up with an apt category title for those busty women who fall through the cracks between these two extremes.

Indeed, this categorisation conundrum has been running for nearly a year, ever since the wife coined the phrase “In-Between Women” or “IBWs” to refer to this forgotten niche wherein regular-shaped, “real” women should appear for those of us who appreciate (okay, “lust after”) girls of a more naturally curvaceous figure. Sure we’ve got your MILF porn (which typically features precisely the sort of lovely semi-voluptuous ladies like I’m talking about), but I feel that this unnecessarily pigeon-holes models into the “yummy mummy” soccer mom set, which isn’t always the case.

Look at busty 32JJ teen Ashley as a prime example: While she’s delightfully well-endowed with the sort of cuddly voluptuous curves, bountiful big tits and plump little belly that never fail to drive me to sexual distraction, she’s certainly no MILF – nor does she truly fit into our slim & stacked or stacked & packed categories. No, Ashley’s one of those countless beautiful busty babes who’s an “inbetweeny” in need of a niche (and, as much as we might despise assigning labels, you have to admit that it’s most helpful when surfing porn to find the unique wank fodder that floats each of our individual boats).

And so, we’re in desperate need a new generalised catch-all category for these busty but in-between beautiful women – something that fits bang in the middle of our Slim-n-Stacked & Stacked-n-Packed niches. If you’ve got any ideas in this regard, please feel free to offer your suggestions by posting a comment. In order to help you along in your deliberations, let’s bring back curvy blonde goddess Leah-Jayne masturbating all by her lonesome in videos from Plumper Pass (and, no, I’m not going call her a BBW ever again, as I enjoy watching her suck cock far too much!).

Now, as much as I’m an avid fan of watching women wanking – female masturbation being yet another big fetish for me – it’s just a good thing this just a video, as I fear I’d find myself wholly unable to resist the urge to offer Leah-Jayne a “helping hand” were I lucky enough to encounter this luscious lady masturbating in person (ah, but why stop with a friendly hand when I’ve got a perfectly serviceable cock on offer as well?). Then again, I know how annoyed I get whenever someone rudely interrupts my own efforts at having a stealthy wank in order to lend a hand or mouth or soaking wet pussy (yeah, right!), so I suppose we’d best leave Leah-Jayne to enjoy her little ladywank on her own (and more’s the pity, as I’d so dearly love to wrap my lips around those pretty pink pussy flaps & clit and suck her off until my mouth was filled with her succulent vaginal juices, but I digress from the topic at hand). Here’s heavenly HH-cup lovely Leah-Jayne masturbating for our voyeuristic pleasure courtesy of PlumperPass.com:

Leah-Jayne 34HH masturbating her pussy at PlumperPass.com Leah-Jayne 34HH masturbating her pussy at PlumperPass.com
Leah-Jayne 34HH masturbating her pussy at PlumperPass.com Leah-Jayne 34HH masturbating her pussy at PlumperPass.com




4 thoughts on “Leah-Jayne responds…”

  1. i thought leah jayne had retired from modelling/fucking on camera? if not, that’s great to hear she’s back. now if only she would fuck someone other than that junkie-looking dude from busty britain, I’m sure everyone would be happy.

  2. I had this debate a while back with someone over one of my BBW stories. Basically the claim was that because a lot of the women in them weren’t two-ton Trinas but merely pleasingly plump, they weren’t quite BBWs. I countered that the porn biz seems to categorize quite skinny gals as BBWs, so I’m well within that range… anyway you can read some of it in my blog at Stories Online but the point is, along the way one of my correspondents suggested the term “cushies” and I think it’s fairly brilliant. It absolutely sums up what we love about a gal who’s got more curviness and soft places than Keira Knightley… but isn’t necessarily fat. I think it’s more obviously descriptive, anyway, than IBW which you have to puzzle out.

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