Kellee needs more poles to fill her holes…

You’ve no doubt heard me mention how my wife describes an FFM threesome as being “too many holes, not enough poles”. Well, the sumptuous plumper Kellee from BBWLAND, although enjoying a rather pleasant menage et trois of the corresponding MMF variety, seems to be having precisely the same problem! Granted, she’s got two cocks eagerly at her disposal in the following video, but seriously looks as if she could do with a few more fuck friends to fill her up to full phallic capacity for a genuine “greedy girl’s night”.

In one scene, we see this lovely lass sucking off one guy whilst titfucking the other with those big, beautiful breasts. In the next, we have Kellee on her back getting a lazy, supine spit-roasting, her shaved pussy being pounded from one end as she gives a blowjob to the cock that was sandwiched between her boobs just moments earlier (but she must learn to watch her teeth, especially considering that one of these two blokes is uncircumcised!).

Lovely images, all, but you can’t help but think Kellee wouldn’t mind a few more penii in the picture. For example, there was no one to occupy her free pussy during the dual titfuck / blowjob, and she certainly could’ve used some extra cock in the solo doggy-style anal sex scene. Let’s see, now; if we approach this from a purely statistical perspective, Kellee’s got perfectly serviceable orifices in her mouth, pussy, tits and ass, enough to comfortably accommodate four cocks (yes, I’m counting cleavage as an orifice). For that matter, she could be jacking off one in each hand as well for a total of six!

Thus, it is in the spirit of generosity that I see fit to launch MyBBWSite’s “More Cock for Kellee” campaign. C’mon guys, this girl deserves it. So, if you’ve got a spare male member just laying about in need of a nice, warm receptacle, please consider posting the surplus penis to Kellee, c/o BBWLAND:

Kellee at Kellee at
Kellee at Kellee at
Kellee at Kellee at


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3 thoughts on “Kellee needs more poles to fill her holes…”

  1. This really has nothing to do with these particular clips but do you think you could get some clips of big asses. Cause big tits are great but i really like big asses a little more.

  2. There is a DVD starring Kelly titled “Kelly Kleevage Birthday Gang Bang”

    Any fan of hers should definitely look into that. It’s quite possibly her best work 😉

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