Sapphire’s Jumbo Jewels

It’s been since June, last year, since I have had any new work from Sapphire (AKA Big Boob Gem) to share with y’all.

She has been very sporadic, of recent years, but this 35 year old* redheaded BBW is back with a bang.

I have previously stated that 38 L-cup Sapphire is 185 lbs (13st 3lbs / 84kg). I do not know how up-to-date that is, so I looked around and she is reported to be 200 lbs (14st 4lb / 91kg), on some info-sites. I think that is more accurate.

Measuring 56-37-42, Sapphire is one jumbo sized jewel and she knows how to use every gloriously plump inch.

*Sapphire was born on Valentine’s Day

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Sapphire    Sapphire    Sapphire

Sapphire at Plumper Pass

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4 thoughts on “Sapphire’s Jumbo Jewels”

  1. Contrary to Frank, Sapphire has always been one of my favorites! Love her thin, love her thick, because she’s always busty! LOVE HER!!!

  2. NOT one of YOUR favorites Frank??Hmmmm,I’ve been SAPPHIRES’ most ardent fan on this as well as ANY site,if she ONLY provides you a “nice smile” that’s YOUR view/opinion.Chloe is without question a magnificent lady,I’d never argue that OBVIOUS fact.Sapphire ,has had a career in porn lasting 13 years on and off,IMPRESSIVE to say the least.Sapphire started out modeling SLIM N STACKED,but with the ensuing years became a plumper,then in recent years a LEGIT BIG gal.In this she is/REMAINS unequaled in my eyes .I said it once,I’ll say it a thousand times SAPPHIRE is THEE best BBW,BIG beautiful woman…PERIOD

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