Jugg Master Sex

Twerking is something that a bootie blessed BBW can do (and not a skinny chick, like, oh, I don’t know, Miley Cyrus, for example) where a big fat ass gets shaken by the big fat girl that owns it.

Like this: Big Girl Twerk on YouTube

Sashaa Juggs, with her big bulbous body (40-30-48) and her big bulbous bootie of a butt could twerk like a twerker on twerk day.

In fact, Sashaa looks like she’s twerking when she is just moving around. Be that walking, crawing on all fours, or getting fucked by a man that is partial to a bit of butt slapping while he gears up for the job.

He gets so turned on by that big, fat bum that he can’t resist ripping the crotch of her clothes apart to show her fat-ass asshole and her plumpers pussy.

I think PlumperPass should hold a twerking competition with all their piggy plumpers. Just for us chubby chasers. How good would that be?

Sashaa Juggs at PlumperPass.com

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4 thoughts on “Jugg Master Sex”

  1. thats a big girl that wears it well. maybe not as much in that video, but i’d watch anything with her in it. large, sexy as fuck, can talk well in the act and no coitus man-grunting.

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