In praise of big butts with Candy Curvaceous…

Since the humble beginnings of MyBBWSite, I’ve received a handful of e-mails from individuals saying that, in my focus upon big boobs, I’ve come to neglect the other end of the spectrum; big butts. Truth be told, I’m a hardcore tit-man at heart, with the rest of the anatomy solely serving to supplement the profound pleasures to be found within a bountiful bosom. But, being the consummate connoisseur of cleavage that I am, whyever would I eschew that of rear-end? I suppose it’s just that, in my front-on obsession with breasts, I’ve simply never paid much attention to the beauty of the backside.

However, all of that seemed to change when I encountered the following new videos from Candy Curvaceous highlighting, amongst other things, her ample ass. As soon as I saw the second video clip below, I began to realise all that I’d been missing out on. The sight of Candy’s bountiful bum laying on its side, presenting her pussy lips in a most seductive manner, made me actually forget about tits for a moment (because, to be honest, I’m a bit of a sucker for big clits and pussy flaps too – and those boundless beef curtains adorning the inviting vestibule of Candy’s voluminous vagina just seem to go on forever, starting at her sphincter and finally disappearing between the bulk of her meaty thighs). I just wanted to dive in and take hold of her hefty ass cheeks, locking my own lips upon those of her pussy and sucking the luscious labia flaps fully into my mouth before plunging my tongue deep into her depths for full-penetration with Candy furiously fingering her clit to stimulate release of the gushing torrents of moisture held within. Oh yes, I could indeed seriously see myself becoming a part-time butt-man after that!

Then again, I could just be perceiving Candy’s lovely, large ass as merely the rear-entry gateway to her pussy. After all, it would be only a matter of time before my hands wandered around to the front to grasp her heaving breasts. Eh, it was nice while it lasted…and here are the video clips that inspired my short-lived side-trip to butt-land, courtesy of

Curvaceous Candy from Curvaceous Candy from
Curvaceous Candy from Curvaceous Candy from
Curvaceous Candy from Curvaceous Candy from



5 thoughts on “In praise of big butts with Candy Curvaceous…”

  1. I’m all about ASS, too! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout right there….Curvaceous Candy’s ass…what I wouldn’t give to have been the guy in that video! She’s got a beautiful big butt…please show more of her…

    Oh, and thanks for the clips…holy cow!

  2. I keep hearing about the BBW Gentlemens Club in Los Angeles, but the directory has no number. Does anyone have the address?

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