I see you baby, shakin’ that ass…

I’ve never been an ass man. Give me big boobs, and I’m happy. In fact, my whole infatuation with Big Beautiful Women stems from the fact that most of them are endowed with enormous tits as part of the package. Granted, over the course of time, I’ve become quite fond of plump bellies as well (there’s nothing quite like a folded belly fuck, but that’s another story). ;~)

I’m just not really a big fan of bums (as we tend to call the gluteus maximus here in the UK). Still, there’s something about the way Ms. Deja from Hot Sexy Plumpers can wiggle hers in that Tina Turner-esque manner that really gets my attention. Then again, it might well be the rear view of her 44FF tits that grabs me, with the ass as merely an afterthought. I really can’t say. The sight of big boobs from behind has always turned me on to no end, seeing them bulging out beyond the boundaries of the back. *sigh*

Whatever am I gonna do? Am I slowly converting to appreciate the whole of the voluptuous plumper package that only a genuine BBW has to offer?! It’s far too early to tell, imho, but I’m more than willing to explore the possibilities (and big, round asses certainly give you something substantial to grab hold of during my preferred woman-on-top sex). It was the late Freddie Mercury who said that fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go ’round, so I guess all I need now is a big-assed BBW to show me the way.

And, if I had my choice, I’d pick the stunning Ms. Deja as a prime candidate for that position. Her full 35 minute video from HotSexyPlumpers.com that these clips were taken from features plenty of Ms. Deja’s massive breasts, as well as copious amounts of wet pussy play and close-up dildo action…but I wanted to try and focus on something a bit different than my usual:

Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com
Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com
Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com Ms. Deja 44FF of HotSexyPlumpers.com


(Busty BBW Models Live on Cam)

10 thoughts on “I see you baby, shakin’ that ass…”

  1. If you like Deja’s derriere, check out the new movies of plumper Aurora on Siliconefree.com. She starts out fondling those big ol’ boobs, with those big nipples and areolas (however I don’t care for the piercing and jewelry), and then gets into gyrating those nice round hips and fanny. Pretty nice!

    One thing I don’t understand is why do most of the pics of big butts show the model poking their behinds up into the camera? Fannies can be awfully enticing just watchng ’em walking! If you’re more concerned about her fanny while doing doggy style, then your partner must be flat-chested! I think women should have boobs long enough that they can be enjoyed from behind. Well, I can fantasize.. 🙂

    BTW, on siliconefree.com they had an ad for siliconfree.de (I don’t know if they’re related). Well, I found that our plumper with the amazing, gargantuan boobs, Karola, was on there as Karo Diva. She apparently got a studio to take some pics of her and those magnificent monsters, and it helped to minimize the detracting elements, such as her belly. She got some makeup on, too. But who the hell watches the rest of her? All a guy sees are those two incredible, overwhelming torpedoes! My first thoughts: “Are those real? Naw, they must be morphs. Whah? Oh, my god, they’;re real! They’re bigger than soccer balls!” And that’s when you see the pictures. It’s even worse when you see them in motion in the videos! I gotta go back to Alicia’s milking udders to take my mind off Karola!

  2. Reese – I want to give you a hand on mybbwsite. A great compliment to your other ventures. Since my first experience years ago, I have been deemed, “a chubby chaser” and when I was single, I was never lonely, but alas has brought me to all of your postings.

    That fact then lent me to be in the presence of the stunning Ms Deja. She was hired before my wedding as a “big girl stripper” and everyone had a laugh…well as you can imagine, being a admirer of “big girls” yourself…the laugh was all mine. My face burried in those 44FFs is something that i will never forget.

    Keep up the good work

  3. She did a blowjob video on her official site. I haven’t been a member is a LONG time, but it was there whenever I was a member. Used to have it on my pc, but it got deleted

  4. some of sexiest tits on the net no doubt
    i bet deja could ride me for hours
    id stroke my cock on those tits until i nutted on em
    id give anything to fuck her

  5. i would love to slide my dick in and out of her cleavage as i stroke her tits and she sucks on my balls. she has the nicest tits on the planet, ones i would explode on after she sat on my cock and jerked back and forth makin her cunt hot and me harder and harder

  6. she gives me HARD erections, cant count the times ive jerked off to her videos.

    deja, if youre out there, im your biggest fan. i wanna do you

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