Hello and Welcome to MyBBWSite!

Hi, I’m Reese, and you may remember me from such blogs as MyBoobSite! Trouble is, there’s so much wonderful porn out there, one blog just wasn’t enough. Thus, I’ve decided to branch off from boobs into my next favourite topic: Big Beautiful Women! One of the best things about a BBW is that big breasts come as a standard part of the package…and there’s nothing quite like a voluptuous body hovering over you, pussy grinding onto your cock whilst pendulous tit-flesh dangles in your face (I’m a girl-on-top sort of guy, but you’d probably already guessed that).

And I can think of no better day to start my new blog, as it was exactly 25 years ago today that I lost my virginity! :~D “My first” had the most magnificent mammaries I’d ever laid eyes on – not to mention other parts of my anatomy – and this began my life-long obsession with well-endowed women. I quickly learned that it was the larger ladies who possessed the biggest breasts, and have been in pursuit of plumpers ever since. My wife often refers to me as a “chubby chaser”…but that’s OK, because she’s quite fond of BBWs herself! ;~)

With today being my silver sex anniversary, I though I’d start my BBW blog off with a bang; specifically, one featuring the Sexy Samantha 38G aka  Samantha Anderson, as I’m particularly partial to busty blondes (hmmm, does that make Sam a BBBBW?!). This fabulous fuck-fest comes courtesy of her new SexySamantha38G.com website, a veritable treasure trove for Sam fanatics like myself. It’s nice to see her practicing safe sex, as demonstrated in the 4th video clip where she lovingly unrolls a condom over her partner’s penis before lubing her pussy, but it’s Sam’s adorable smile as she wraps her gorgeous G-cup boobs around his cock in the tit-fucking clip that sends me over the edge:

Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G
Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G
Sexy Samantha 38G Sexy Samantha 38G


13 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to MyBBWSite!”

  1. I’ve been following myboobsite for a while, and I’m happy you’re starting up a BBW site! And Samantha is the perfect way to start off! Well done, and keep the fat honeys coming!

  2. Just like John, I’m happy that you’re starting this BBW site! I love that Samantha is the first person you chose to kick it off with because, I have the biggest crush on her… but shh, don’t tell. ; )

  3. Another great idea! A request if you please. If you have the opportunity, could you post some Sarah Mercury pics. She’s my favorite BBW.

  4. Samantha is one of my favourite girls. I think she’s beautiful and I love her Texas drawl.

    Great site, I look forward to seeing it grow

  5. I really don’t think Reese is starting up a BBW site. I think it’s _really_ a BBBBW site. That’s Big Breasted Big Beautiful Woman site. Which is fine with me, though it may leave out a whole lottta Big Beautiful Wimmen to love. And he probably won’t get around to the SSBBWs like we find in Dimensions Magazine, dimensionsmagazine.com. such as Heather Boyle, who has her heatherBBW.com and BigCuties.com websites. Take for example, Melonie, I forget which of those websites she’s at. She has these humongous slabs of tit flesh, but they’re completely dwarfed by the mountain of flesh that they’re on! She is one Really Big Cutie!

    And then there’s Karola, Kati, and a whole bevy of other big breasted BBWs on siliconefree.com. Reese has featured Karola recently on his myboobsite.com, and as far as I’m concerned, he can feature her here at least once a month, if not more often. I’ve been checking on some of the Big Boob groups and blogs, and many of the posters say they think she’s even bigger than Norma Stitz, who has Guinness Book of Records tits. Go here and scroll down to read what they have to say about ol’ Norma’s Tits.
    But I’d say more like 28 pounds total. http://www.bigbreastarchive.com/
    So come on Reese, give us the skinny on some of these fat chicks, ok? Thanks a million, pounds (or kgs), that is!

  6. samantha is extremely gorgous chick i hav seen.U set up hot fire on me everytime u havin hard sex on video! i would want to see u more and more action!!

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