Got milk? Christina does!

Whilst we all wait patiently for our pregnant Maxi 32JJ to begin lactating, I thought it might be nice for us all to take a well-deserved milk break elsewhere. During my exhaustive search for such dairy delights, I discovered that sexy Samantha38G has a new big, beautiful friend! Her name is Christina, and her 40F boobs are so chock full of milky goodness that even the slightest bit of pressure seems to set them off!!

In her new lactation video on Sam’s website, Christina squeezes every last drop from those magnificent milkers of hers. In fact, the 4th clip below shows her fabulous F-cup fountains squirting such a stream of milk spray that I’m surprised it didn’t hit the camera lens! She must thoroughly enjoy milking her breasts as well, as indicated by Christina’s audibly wet pussy when the cameraman casually dips a finger inside of her to check lubrication levels (she seems rather fond of his impromptu clitoris massage as well!). ;~)

Here’s a handful of clips from Christina’s video at Plumper Pass:

Christina Curves Christina Curves
Christina 40F Lactation Video at Christina 40F Lactation Video at
Christina 40F Lactation Video at Christina 40F Lactation Video at


(Plumper Pass Models Live)

16 thoughts on “Got milk? Christina does!”

  1. I just adore those big ol’ boobs and full, dark areolas. She’s cute too; if she were lighter (I’m not saying I don’t like her the way she is), she’d be serious competition for Samantha herself. Is that rotund tummy left over after having her baby, or is she still PG? If still PG, then she’s squeezing colostrum from those milking mammaries, not milk!

    As for squirting, I’d say more like dribbling or gushing. If you want to see some real squirting, check out the tits in the lower right here:
    These little gals can squirt milk like a shower head!
    You can find more lactation videos at the Japanese fetish site or check these out:

  2. Well, I’ve been on the fence with this one. I agree VF, the big boobs and dark areolas are very sweet and she’s got a very beautiful face to boot. But, I just can’t get around how big that bottom is. It’s MASSIVE. I can’t decide if I love it or am repulsed by it. I keep watching the video clips and I’m mesmerized by the size of it. Love it or hate it… only time will tell.

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  4. Wow!! I didn’t know people didn’t like my big ass! Yes it is large and it has always been that way and no matter what size I am I will always have a large ass! So sorry about that! Oh and yes I had just had a baby 4 weeks before I shot this so I am larger then I normally am!

    Christina Curves

  5. Hi Christina !! I think you’re beautiful and love your large bottom. I was wondering if you were on any other websites ? I’m trying to look all over the internet to no such luck.

  6. Check me out on the cover of May 2007 issue of PLUMPERS magazine! And my own site comeing soon!

    Christina Curves

  7. I’ve liked every video Ive seen of Christina. Milky boobs was never my thing, but nevertheless she looks good.

  8. Christina you’re the hottest–don’t change a thing about that sweet ass and those luscious titties. Can’t wait for your new site

  9. Christina, dont listen to the trolls and commie fools. You are a goddess! I’d want to suck on those gorgeous perfect goddess breasts of yours like a newborn baby for hours and hours!

  10. I cant believe some of the comments on here, Christina you are an amazingly beautiful woman with a body that dreams are made of!

    You look stunning in these clips as you do in all your videos/pic sets, I especially adore your butt and belly.

    Don’t listed to some retard who wants a stick insect with implants, your sexy from head to toe, every curve is just right in my opinion.

    Congrats on the baby and I cant wait for your own site 🙂

  11. Amazing. Christina is becoming one of my favorite BBW… absolutely perfect in all ways. I didn’t know she had a baby… are there any pictures of her during her pregnancy?

  12. Christina you are amazing from head to toe and I love your big butt, lactating breasts, beautiful smile, angelic face and your tattoos.

  13. Christina has the best rocking body I have ever seen on a lactating BBW, she has the perfect form, her boobs belly and butt are just that, perfect, dont change a thing Christina, stay sexy just the way you are, damn you giving me a boner!

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